When are tashunkes going to be fixed?

A cav unit that can go invisible with 2 area damage, not even discussing how irrelevant mechanic being stealth is while a cav has it, can we get any attention to that? Thank you.


colega, esa es la mecánica de esa unidad, por algo están limitada de hacer, con suerte puedes hacer 14 de ellos y el máximo de ellos que puedes tener es 18, pero con una carta de la metrópolis.

Tashunkes should be able to stealth with some special metropolis card.

And by the way, reduce the ROF of the bow ryder from 1.5 to 2.0.

And improve the economy in lategame, it’s sad.

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They are prowlers, they are thought to can go stealth, incas are who go out of that line… Maybe a fix on their upgrades as they did with sepoys, nerfing age 2 and buffing age 5 to keep sa they were