When are you guys going to fix the smurf account issue?

You do not plan to do anything against Smurf accounts? I can’t play a good game without some Chinese smurf, they ruin the game experience!! It’s so simple to fix it, just making it a rule that new accounts have to play several normal hours before ranking.


Better solution is to ban family share accounts from ranked, so smurfing is no longer free.


This means you are forced to play against the AI and doing the campaign stuff first? I hate these. Not my cup of tea.

No, you can play unranked games.


Those are so bad and unbalanced, not to mention already having a massive smurfing problem, which this might make even worse.

The lobby is a terrible place as well. Good to have for LAN parties, tournament games, commie games for streams, … But it isn’t a great place for solo players. New players shouldn’t be push to such bad system.

Did you forget they’re talking about literal new players?

Actual new players aren’t going to jump straight into ranked. Don’t be intentionally obtuse

100%. I can only guess Devs either don’t care or simply don’t have the time to implement this. Makes no sense that it’s an option. Won’t eliminate smurfing completely but at least curbs it

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New to DE doesn’t mean no knowledge of the game. People can have played at DE or Voobly in the past. Even playing other RTS games helps you understand the game.

And even the worst player can play ranked. They just end up against other 300 elo players. Not seeing the issue with that at all.

I wish they lowered the entry for ranked. People find it scary and stay away from ranked for no reason at all. Adding extra barriers to overcome isn’t good for ranked at all.

I fully understand the smurfing issue, but I don’t like this solution at all.


there are three more options:
-they can’t tell who’s using family share, because it’s handled by steam
-they aren’t allowed to exclude family share accounts due to their contract with steam
-they don’t want to exclude family share accounts because of genuine users

or players switching over from HD/voobly

It’s unsolvable, overall the ladder queue system is an one big mess.
Chaos rises under the auspices of the lack of authority by the developers, I gave up expecting a change, there are way too much flaws.

However, there is one way to just get away with it, just introduce (give us back) the ranked lobby system we’ve had for years. As simple as that. If you cant design and govern a proper queue system, just give up.

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It’s not tho, other games do it as well.

I have yet to see any popular rts (or heck even moba) without smurfing. Should action be taken to lower it, yes. But youll never eliminate it


AOE II is not other games sadly.

Isn’t that why you like it? Isn’t that why we all like it? Because it isn’t other games?

Hahaha… no. Lobby system is outdated, daunting to new players and leads to innacurate elo (by map-picking)

Also how the hell would that solve smurfing? stay on topic


Seriously, remove smurf account. I don’t think I will be playing any longer in the current situation. I play once a week for fun, but there is no fun anymore with that many smurf account.

An easy fix because they can’t ban family. For the first 20 games, at the end of the game, the game can give elo point for the time of idle tc before feodal and castle. The number of animal hunt. idle villager. Time to reach next age… Like this smurf have to be bad player to still be in low elo. and there is will be no point to do that because the player won’t have fun