When come out the April month patch?

Will come out this month or in the next month?


Maybe tomorrow? It’s absurd if it will be the May Patch.

But where it was called “April Patch”. There was an official name or just the community told that?

Doesn’t seem to be tied to specific days.

Weds April 7: Update 46777
Weds Mar 24: Update 46295
Thu Feb 11: Hotfix 45185
Tue Jan 26: Lords of the West DLC
Mon Jan 25: Update 44725
Tue Nov 24: Hotfix 43210
Tue Nov 17: Update 42848

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I would have expected it to drop today from past experience, but there’s nothing official confirmed.

They’ll probably also drop some more pieces of info in regards to Dawn of the Dukes, the second expansion for AOE2:DE.


Maybe they are rethinking some of the balance changes, given how much of a backlash some of it created in the community?

The patch is probably going to be delayed as it had bugs during the beta, like tcs not firing arrows, but given how much pressure is about the alt+f4 they are probably thinking what to do about it.

It was speculated by the community that there will be an april patch.

In reality, what we have is an april pup beta test, which means that we have a beta that was released in april. It was never said that the same exact balance patch will be released in the same month.

Anyway, usually updates are released at the same day of the map rotation, or at the very end of the month, so either in the next 2 days, or at the next map rotation.

Hopefully tomorrow - with restore, save and exist, reconnect changes, balance and alt f4 solution.

I think you are asking for too much, next patch will have small balance changes, changes on the files ,UI,json files etc, for the future co-op campaigns and for the new civs, meaning a lot of mods will break, i am only curios about their approach about the alt f4 issue and tg ladder, cause that is what really matters, they have been avoiding the issue for so long.

As for the save and exit and restore ranked games i don’t think that will come in the near future, it was highly requested a year ago and not even a word about it, same like chat for spectators.



Good catch.

With covid, the months just seem that long.


so a hotfix should be something within a week, the one in november barely made it. then you look at jan 26th to feb 11, a hotfix that is over 2 weeks… sad state the game is in where they care more about profile icons than fixing the actual game.

Nothing absurd if the patch will be bug free.
We’ve complained about developers adhering to a fixed schedule and releasing bugged updates.
Can we please appreciate that they introduced public beta testing and that they got rid of that rigid schedule in favor of (hopefully) bug free updates?


What? xD That thing will never happen

that surely didn’t happen with last two update, and made it way worse than trying to go bug free.

reality is, no one is going to play ranked or multiplayer on a PUP and so all the ones that do are single player which has very limited play count compare to multiplayer, that is the reason why last two update still plagued with bugs and out of sync.

you can have PUP all u want, but ONLY IF the minuscule amount of PUP players bother to play game and catch them, in single player and single player issue.

To give you an idea of what “bug free” means, all bugs in this thread List of unfixed bugs - #96 by GMEvangelos should be fixed, which they fail to do for months (some exist since launch). I’m not even counting the countless bugs that only grow day after day on the Report a Bug forum.

They could spend a year doing nothing but fixing bugs.

No game is perfect. But the bugs of aoe2 de receive way less attention than they should receive.

Are we going to get an ever bigger patch?

I would much prefer not getting any balance changes, but more time spent fixing game crashes.

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They are too incompetent to fix any bugs or crashes.