When does the dev gonna nerf gurjarars?

Look at the ridiculous win rate from https://www.ageofstatistics.com/ , it get No.1 on both 1v1 open map >1200 and >1600, not to mention that for >1600, it has 60% win rate. Every one can just use this stupid civ, stone-walled, boom castle age, then push with broken siege eles.

Walter Ulbricht:
“Nobody has the intention to nerf Gurjaras.”

I can say the same for Franks/Britons in TGs, Turks/Poles on Arena, Mayans on Arabia 1v1 and TG and Chinese overall.
Also, Hindustani need a nerf.

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how would you nerf turks on arena without impacting their non arena performance ooc?

They will need some buffs for Arabia, but first they need nerf on that Map.
Though Poles aren’t as bad on arabia as many people think, Hera had them at A or B tier for example.

Hindustanis and Poles have ridiculous win rate on closed map, so I gues they do need a nerf as well.
Franks and Britons are strong on TGs, but still not crazily win so often like gurjarars. So I think the top priority here is still Guirjarars

Highest pickrate for Tgs go for Franks and Britons.

Gurjaras WR is stupid I agree but is beyond stupid how overpicked are Franks and Britons, even Mayans.

TG meta is just stupid currently.
We already discussed it like months ago, or at least tried to…
Don’t know if devs want to do anything about it soon, cause at some point people will get angry cause the meta is too established.

But adding OP camel civs to counter the meta is… clearly the worst path to go.


just pick eagles civ and win them easily

Yes nerf Turks or Poles just because for the 3 people who plays Arena.

why Bohemians were nerfed then?
If a civ is too oppresive at one setting ofc need nerfing.

btw Turks and Poles have the highest Pickrate on closed maps alone. With Hindustani holding the highest WR.

Beucase Bohemians is the old DLC and game need to give space for new civ to shine

What the actual ■■■■ are you saying?
Bohemians were (and imo still are) oppresive on closed maps, they needed a nerf here, you can’t be biased here to say something like ok lets new civs shine or something like that.

Bohemians is in a right spot after the last nerf. Its win rate still high because of the gurjarars meta. After the nerf of gurjarars it would be fine

Answer is: whenever they release a balance patch at all. DotD civs were first changed 3 months after their release, and DoI civs were already allowed more time to played “as is” already so I don’t think they will make a major update that doesn’t touch them.

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I don’t think Siege elephants are the issue with Gurjaras, from my experience playing VS them i feel that the Chakram throwers attack goes well beyond the range they should have. They kill everything when you have like 30+ of them. I had a match where i had trebs, pikes and scorpions. Trebs in front, pikes around the trebs and scorpions in front. The other guy attacked me with Chakram throwers, like 40 of them or so, maybe more. Anyway with 1 attack he killed all the scorpions, trebs and pikes xD i was like well, okay gg, no point playing any further. :rofl:

Sorry but it is not the case. Accroding to the statistics, Gurjaras win rate is highest in the early castle which is the Siege elephants. In late game Gurjaras is still good but win rate is much lower, which shows that Chakram throwers is not the actual issue of this civ

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Interesting, i have to try this strat. D:

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