When does the new civ arrive in the game?

The announcement that we would have a new civ a few weeks ago, honestly I’m really excited to find out what a civ it is.

The lack of information about the new civ makes me even more intrigued, I believe it’s Brazil, but I’m not sure, what do you guys think?


There are a lot of threads debating which civ could be.

Regarding the time, I would say 3 month min. of waiting to starting to have some clue.

Don’t think it will be that far.

It will probably come out early June.

Independence days of some potential civs:

  • Italy’s Festival of the Republic: June 2nd
  • Canada Day: July 1st
  • Brazil’s Independence Day: September 7th
  • Malta’s Independence Day: September 21st
  • Poland’s National Independence Day: November 11th
  • Australia Day: January 26th

It has already arrived. You just believe in your heart that it has.