When enemy abdicates

When the enemy (AI) abdicates, it should delete all its units and buildings. I hate the fact that its defensive buildings (castles/towers) and units still keep on attacking even after it resigns. I play 3v3/4v4 a lot with Extreme AI, and it costs a lot of my units. Any thoughts?

I agree with you. At least all units should be deleted and Castels and Towers should stop fiering. Buildings and walls are not affected from what a King says so they should remain. They could even be usefull for trading. (Markets and Docks)

At least all military buildings and units should be deleted. If it has resigned, it makes no sense that its remaining units still keep on fighting and take our units down.

After a lot of deliberation, disagree.

Destroying a player’s remaining fortifications to stop them from firing at you removes an annoyance, to be sure, but the AI does generally build up on the sensitive areas where trade and scarce resources are being held. If we yeetus deletus’d all of the buildings after a player resigned, even if we left the extraneous markets to allow trade to continue until the player knocks it out, that’s a massive disadvantage for the defending team who now has an undefended flank, exposed resources, and an exposed tradeline.

We’ve been doing our 2v3’s and 3v4’s outnumbered against AI’s and the main thing you get out of deleting one player is cutting out that portion of the trade and equalizing on pop limit, not to mention getting access to needed limited gold and stone piles. Those benefits are immense and it’s undoubtedly worth the hassle of cleaning up the map and properly occupying it for the next push. The distractions from fleeing units and defensive structures are an important caveat to consider and deal with as you press onward and it’s a condition that makes sense to deal with when you’ve pressed through a city. You do have to mind the standing buildings, whether you rubble them or not, they will have an impact.

I also don’t think it makes sense that this would happen only for AI. If that’s how resign would work for AI, that’s how resign should work for players. I’m certain you’ve been in the situation at least once where your ally has resigned and the attacker has to finish cleaning up or spend time extricating himself, yes? Now imagine if that precious time you gained while they did that was removed, because the civ imploded on resign. That’s what you’re trying to deny the AI, and while they probably don’t utilize it as well as we can, it’s certainly a factor and I’m not certain I want that factor removed.


actually imagine this
“you took our king! we must fight till the last man!”

Imagine anyone fighting in a war knowing the instant the king is captured.

Unless you’ve got a special horn set up in the castle specifically to announce such a thing, which would be impractical and unthinkable to say the least, people in town wouldn’t even know the war had ended. Certainly, any arriving forces not in the initial siege wouldn’t know to stop slaughtering the townsfolk. The more you think about this suggestion, the more the current AI actions make perfect sense.

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well, that’s another way to approach it, but i’m saying i agree

I misinterpreted it. Thank you for clarifying.

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I’m looking at it this way. The King has abdicated (that’s what it says when the AI resigns). In other words, the king is saying I have failed to fulfil my responsibility, I give up. I cannot lead this army any more, and I’m ordering them to put down their weapons and stop fighting. As per king’s orders, his army should too, and all units and defensive buildings should stop firing. My point of view.

where is the spirit of everyone would give up just because their king abdictaded

You can type “torpedo 3” to eliminate all units and buildings of player 3

Should be easier than re-programming the game.

Although I agree it’s a bit weird the way it is.