When holding down the shift key arrow keys no longer pan the camera

I am making this post on behalf of some of my friends who like to play Age of Empires games by using the arrow keys to move the camera. When using the arrow keys to move the camera they like to queue up move orders for their units using the shift key, for instance they pan over the fog of war using the arrows and holding shift as they place move orders for the scout. However, the way the game is now they are unable to do so as holding the shift key down prevents the arrow keys from panning the camera. It would be nice if the arrow keys could work in conjunction with the shift key like it could in the older games.

Thank You.

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I know for a fact that alt+WASD moves the camera. I’m not sure how that would interact with the simultaneous shift key though. Also notable there is a setting that reverses alt and shift functions in aoe4. I’m not sure if that would help but maybe it’s worth messing with.