When I tried to Update it, the game disappeared entirely

Hi, thanks for all your helps. i solved my problem by following the steps in this video and after all i complete to do these steps, i restarted the pc and problem solved. İ suggest you do the same. watch and apply this video and at the end reboot pc. i hope it Works for you too.

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The difference is that he disconnected his MS account and switched back to normal local administrator user account. Then he signed out of MS store and did the wsreset.exe part. Sometimes using a MS account as login leads to these problems. Other solution could be to use another local administrator account to perform the MS store reset and the updates.

Could you try it using a local administrator account? If this is you only account you can create one for this purpose or enable the built-in administrator account.


I followed the video and it worked!

thank you very much @PCS70 and @ClannishRobin17 for your help!

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