When is the next road map?


I was wondering it’s been a while since the last roadmap was announced (unless I missed it). When do you guys think they’ll announce it and what do you expect it will contain?


Hopefully something that will include some encouragement to early aggression tactics and builds. Eco booming has been the dominant strategy for a long time and it is easier to defend it than to stop it.


I’ve seen a curious delay in updating a development roadmap only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.


I proposed that only the buildings that require wood be repaired with wood, the other buildings be repaired with wood and a percentage of stone, which the developers consider, however I have no problem if the Mongols repair all their buildings with wood

On the discord they replied , it’s supposed to come at may


Not soon enough. I am looking forward to it

I think all became flat slowly… there aren’t even interesting posts in here anymore, players really left this game… so sad. and this “roadmap updates” just spin around the same things or add those pathetic icons/badges/color biomes, nothing really big is coming imo.


wait…content is coming may? Or the roadmap that will announce the future possibility of content is coming may?

The roadmap is coming on may

This was at the bottom of the patch notes from the patch 2 weeks ago. So it is officially announced that there will be a season 5:

They tend to wait longer to announce bigger updates, so I’m fine with waiting. Also, the extension to season 5 should put season 6 on schedule to start at the second anniversary mark.