When one ally goes full boom in a 4v4

When one ally goes full boom. They mass huge amounts of villagers and trade carts early basically and play defensively. Okay yes, they could be rushed. But what happens in a situation where they are not rushed or a rush fails? They end up with rivers of gold flowing in and can even tribute excess gold to their allies?

Granted this may not happen in pro games. But still.

How much of a power spike does this team have if one of their allies has rivers of gold? Gold mines run out, but only now the other team is making trade carts. While the other team has gold flowing in like crazy from an ally giving them excess gold by tribute?

I had games… before… where I had like at least 10k gold by going early trade. I had like 60 to 100 trade carts.

There is a reason game is balanced around 200 pop.

If he is making trades and slinging you discover it because of his score, flood his base with 2 vs 1 and he is dead, while for sometime 2 will defend you. Then it is 4 vs 3. If you play on 300 score, the game is played in an unbalanced setting so you have to use tricks like his.

Lots of players play games on 300 pop. But yes, you are somewhat right.

It is usually banned in pro tournaments, because yes it is OP especially early game.

Edit: Slinging that is (sending allied players resources)

How is slinging banned?

Either just with “sling-> admin win” or with a mod that increases the sling transaction fees.

But the thing they’re mainly trying to prevent with that is one player staying in feudal and slinging one of the others into 200 pop Paladins.

If you can boom without getting punished, you deserve to win. Same as in 1v1. If you can get more eco and defend, your opponent played poorly. I don’t see any problem, or any way it’s different from 1v1s.
It’s not really a power spike. It’s a power River. With good eco you can just keep on spamming.

Isn’t the main issue in team games when someone goes full bloom that it leaves their allies open, and the enemy can 2v1 the flanks?


“early” and “60 trade carts” doesn’t sound compatible. Most pro games are probably finished already by the time you get 60 trade carts


Meta for 4v4 is flanks go archer and pockets go knights. In pro games its typically a 2v2 on both sides. If you had one of those guys sitting back and booming then it would be 2v1 and the 1 guy would lose, then the game snowballs and is over.

Now in lower ELO typically both teams will have some boomers. Best suggestion is if you’re rushing and you’re winning and the guy you’re beating isn’t getting help from his allies, move through him to the guy who isnt fighting, because hes probably booming and he has no army, so he’ll be easy to crush.

If you and your allies all had early aggression and are all fighting, but not pushing against 3 enemies while 1 player booms. Then you’re already losing :man_shrugging:

Usually by disabling sending res to other players until imp. You could still send the res (and therefore lose it) but your teammate will not receive it.

It typically results in your flank having to tower up and turtle (because they can’t win 1v2), and then the army of your opponents goes to your base. Alternatively, your flank is swept in castle age, and then your opponents will have access to lots of gold without having to trade at all.

I am playing with players who are around 2200 in TG,
I can say among 10 games, at least 5 games there are people like to full boom with zero army before 30mins.
90% of the flank dead because of them, and 80% of these games, this full boom pocket just not able to 1v2 and leading to lose game.

I run into this problem all the time on team games. My pockets go full boom completely ignoring that myself or another flanked is getting owned and they wonder why we quit when we’re getting 2v1ed or 3v1ed and our base is dead