When placing troops in the kallankas of the Incas, they stop counting population, even for allies

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You inca ally build 5 kallankas with a pop room for 10 units. If you put 10 musketter / kallanka, means your pop will decrease by 50, allowing you to build another 50 musketter and then taking you troops inside the kallankas. So, in treaty games, you can have a bigger pop then 300 for a few civs in the first army.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Inca build kallanka
  2. You put your troops inside kallanka
  3. They disappear in pop acount.
  4. Make more units
  5. Take your kallanka troops out.

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Kallanka should only work for inca, not for everyone in his team.

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Okay so first off, the Kallanka’s ability is to decrease unit pop. This is literally in the description of the building and is not a bug, at least for the Inca player. Now, whether or not it is supposed to be a team allowed mechanic is definitely up for debate.


That’s my point. It work for inca is fine, game mechanic, but for the teammates is something else.

Yeah, not really sure if a change is needed. Like in treaty it can be an extremely strong start after the timer is up but I rarely ever see people do it.

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His point is that allies shouldn’t be able to benefit from your Kallanka.

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hmm, great bombard spam anyone?

Thats not OP, you dont want do it over and over again during the match cause you need to be fast. Also 5 kallankas are few to be around the map and you dont want to move your army km away