When Player in group leaves the end screen, other players in party in-game gets kicked out

I was playing in a 2v2, and was landmark-sniped. My teammate was still in game, but once I exited the endscreen, my teammate was instantly kicked out of the game.


Hahaha it was yesterday? I’ve was playing a 2v2 and I sniped a French landmarks on feudal age. When he quit the game it automatically kicked us to the windows desktop like a crash. It was you that French civ player?

I was playing Abbasid, so always at risk for landmark snipe. However, my teammate and I were about to eliminate one opponent - leaving a favorable 1v1. The game was still going on after I was eliminated - I was on the stats screen and on Discord with my teammate. As soon as I left the stats screen, my teammate got kicked out of the match.

I suspect this is a rare issue (usually, when one player is eliminated, the game is likely going badly for that team), but we were way ahead by all accounts. I just miscalculated how quickly I could rally a new army to defend my landmark while pushing into the opponent’s base.

Same thing. We tried it with different party leaders and stuff, no changes. This happens on any possible stage, from pre-game lobby to ingame

Definately an annoying bug. Some might want to view post game stats while other don’t. I know when leader leaves post game stats it kicks everyone else out of their post game victory screen as well. Not sure if it’s only when the host leaves but I’m guessing if anyone leaves victory screen it kick everyone out.

Hey all! If any of you experience this again, can you contact support right after with your warnings.log file?

Thanks so much!