When Players disconnect or surrender. AI should take over in online multiplayer

Nice strat. Happy to hear you haven’t suffered from teamates leaving the game as much as I have.

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yes hardest Ai take over and a 20 to 30 ban for the player that droped.

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I only team up with players i know and who have discord.

Have given up on random teammates, because if you get rushed, a lot of them won’t help.

They completely miss the point they will be next, and you get picked off one by one.


Or worse, they don’t help you when you attack.

I’d love to have them go to AI instead. I’d also love to have AI take over for me when I want to quit out of a long game.


Haha I haven’t haven’t thought of a player ban…maybe something like a 24hr cool down period.

After reading the last update … If we make enough noise together about this issue… Maybe we can get this issue on their voting list.

for team games we need this. Player drops in a 4v4 and there base is just useless now and all there remaining units useless??

Dose that even make sense in a online game? Please please just let players take control or let the AI take control. The AI sucks but its something. if not a distraction to mabe even up the odds a bit.

This need to be in.!!! Right now if someone drops its a auto lose no matter what 99% of the time.


Some attention on this matter would be nice devs. I feel it’s a simple solution to add AI into games.

As far as everyone else reading this thread. Let’s see if we can get this issue added to the voting thread that last the patch notes referred to.

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This should be a given… After so long AOE has been around… How is AI taking over not a thing!!!

Relic should have server side hot patched this in before ranked tomorrow. O well . rip
Get ready for the mass rage quitters.

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Such an easy patch. Easy to argue in board rooms. Not sure who the dumbass is that ignores the devs and the community and argues new civs is the way forward …

I won’t buy a new civ pack. Not until the games are fair. I also represent 70% of the veteran player base.

Dumbass CEO. #firetheaoeceo

Please let hardest AI take over on team games after someone quit the game even though he not lost the game.

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Highly agree with this statement.

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