When Players disconnect or surrender. AI should take over in online multiplayer

There has been aggravating and unfair multiplayer gameplay.

When your teammates or opponents surrender or disconnect say you’re in a 4v4 match, youre left to fight the other four players on your own. 1v4 4v1 is unfair!

Please use Risk global domination as an example of how to activate AI bots to play the game for the teammates or opponents that just quit the game for no reason. At any time they decide to reconnect. they immediately take back control from the Ai bots

This has been an issue since AOL multiplayer.

This AI take-over option keeps the gameplay from being frustrating to the point of surrendering yourself. My stats would be so much better if I wasn’t left alone to fight 1v4 so many times.

please activate the ability for Ai to take over inactive players!


Current TG system is dumb.
But it’s team game, as team you should made the decision when to resign.

Also if you on winning position, win the fight and suddenly super OP bot, which fight back super strong.
How you will balance “skill level of bot”.

solve the problems:
win condition/surrender button/pause/reconnect etc.
not some random AI take the place. it’s super dumb.


Fully support bot taking over on surrender/disconnect
Would give the slightest Ray of hope to the player that chose to stick it out, either that or split resources, units, and buildings among remaining players.
Hardest ai is a joke on large team games/ late game so it wouldn’t help much except in the lowest level games. But splitting resources and buildings could keep a determined player in the game.
If a player is defeated however, that’s it.


Thank you for the reply. Good thought on splitting resources, it definitely would help. However, I still have a cap of 200 population. Maybe I get their 200 pop cap too.

My strategy in multiplayer games is to now prep for a wonder. And build a defensive home base in case everyone leaves. BECAUSE 9/10 somebody leaves the game. Their entire army, castle, villagers, and civ go grey and unused.

I feel if the hardest Ai takes over it will use its 200 pop cap and resources to continue to put a push on my foe while I play the end game.

Then if the player reconnects they can carry on with the game where the Ai left off.

The best example of this is Risk: global domination. When a player disconnects the Ai takes over. We all know the player and the Ai play differently and we make moves in-game based on who we are playing. When an Ai takes over in that game, my strategy is to eliminate it from my side of the map to force it to mess with other people. Then if the player returns I’m forced to adjust strategy. It’s annoying but far less annoying than all the progress gained being greyed out and I’m all alone

We are at AOE 4 and there is still no solution to this problem of facing four opponents to one when your allies leave for whatever reason. This is an unfair balance that has a simple sulution.

Do consider displayed and personal statistics. I can fairly say, NONE of the player community are accurate because of the surrender, disconnect, or quitting issue. 4v1= Loss, no chance.

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You have valid points. I digested your thoughts and my reply is this.

If the devs don’t do an auto take over of Ai due to Ai being overpowered…

What do you think of when we get a surrender, quit, or disconnect of an Allie… That loss has no effect on our overall Stats.

^This is my only OCD issue. My stats would be a lot better and truly accurate had I never played anything past 1v1. I will take a legit loss 1v1. but I never want to play 1v4. it’s a total gut shot loss.

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This can be solved if you simply play 1vs1. No teammates to surrender or to disconnect. Everything would be just you.

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It would be nice if you could ping ai and they would respond with reasonable speed and force, the ai in this game just isn’t there, at least not from what I’ve seen, I guess I’ll have to test some things to be sure. But if me and one other player can easily subdue 4 hardest ai in a 2v4 just between the two of us, it’s lacking something

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Very helpful input to the progress of the game. Thank you.

Consider this, when im playing with freinds and they disconnect. Im left with the loss.

Ping :slight_smile:

True, but to stay on topic. I’d take a low-powered Ai taking over a missing ally over nothing.

1v2 1v3 1v4 is not cool.

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I said this over a month ago.
Cant even blacklist maps.
this games Walmart bargain bin bad.

Like they need to copy SC2 on how to do online mutiplayer because this dev team is so clueless they cant even add a map blacklist in.

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Same, I’ve voiced this “NEED” many times over the years. Now we are two :slight_smile: keep up the nagging.

After E-mailing support and talking to devs it turns out they want this feature too but the community has to voice it. Because the company will make more money on other things like DLC vs. a polished game. I was sent to the forums to drum up support for this issue.

SC sounds fun, TY for the reminder. I may buy that and give it a go-to to see how they do multiplayer. Def not buying AOE4 dlc until they polish this version.

As far as black listing maps, that feature is on its way. The game was pushed out with basic coding to meet the company’s profit demands. It was a part of the original build but got side-lined to fix bugs.


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To make point. The biggest change in any civ. For win. Is. Ai taking over in multiple player games when players disconnects.

In almost every game that I play multiplayer, oddly enough players just disconnect. I don’t know why, but both teams have this issue. Either from me one leaves the match and the rest follow, or the enemies disconnect together at the first second of the game.

I had a match 2 days ago where one of the enemies was left alone because everyone else left after losing a team fight so we just played Wonder Wars to make it fair. It can be fun provided you encounter the right players but that’s rare. My best bet is that maybe people get overly competitive and at the first mistake they ragequit, but it’s not a solid fact to go by as the situation is very confusing to me. It’s too frequent and causes are plenty.

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I think that having the AI take the place of the leaving player is a good idea. At least the AI can occasionally send reinforcements to help you.

However, splitting the resources/buildings/pop space could create a toxic TG environment. Players could start bothering their allies, so they leave the game and they can take all their resources. Lower ELO players would be simply encouraged to quit, instead of trying to help them.

The idea of splitting resources might be better from a mathematical perspective, but the reactions of people to this opportunity could be negative.


Yeah that would happen, it’s really too bad casual players have become so toxic, all wannabe pros

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asked for this months ago. Players should get control and resource divided. Just like SC2 dose it. Atleast gives you a fighting chance 3v4.

sc2 you could still win if you had someone good on the team managing 2 bases and armys. Wasn’t a auto lose like this crap we got

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This is such a simple fix. We already know AOR in general has a competitive AI.

Why can’t we get an AI to take over when a teammate disconnects.

Get noticed so we have a fighting chance!!

Thank agreed. The easiest fix is to have AI take over.

And why is my teammates army, castles, towers and town centers inactive? I’d argue I helped build those by keeping a push on our shared opponents at the time.

Now when I get rushed… And my teammates disconnect… I can’t run to their old base for protection.

Furthermore… I can’t even control their gates …one game I was locked inside my own town because a teamate built a wall for me. Locked the gate then disconnected. I had to build trebs to break the wall down. But then, the opponent made a wonder and game was over …

Check this one, were I had the only ever drop I ever had in over 400 online games.

It changed our (my buddy and me) strategy forever.

I used to protect his trade with my China walls, but that was cause to a loss after a drop from my side. (never knew why my game dropped, I am playing on a brand new gaming beast)

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