When teammate drops from 2v2, the game still starts with teammate instantly eliminated

Teammate had internet issues (Steam update?) and dropped. However, the quickmatch was able to start anyways with teammate instantly eliminated.

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Hey @BrianLinOnline! I’m curious how you would prefer this to be handled. Would you rather AI take over, or be dropped back into the lobby with an error message? Or some additional option(s) I can’t currently think of (it’s pre-coffee Monday for me :laughing:)? Thoughts?

just an opinion
if it is quick match/Custom make AI take over
with the amount of sweat going on in quick play preferbly Hard/Hardest AI so the player dont feel a big disadvantage

How ever if it was Ranked probably best to cancel match with an error message

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@SavageEmpire566 thanks for responding!

I prefer dropping to lobby/search screen with an error message, because usually I’m playing with family or friends.

The AI would work if I was searching for a 2v2 on my own, but that still brings up another set of questions: how hard should the AI be? How do I coordinate with my AI?

Thanks, all! I appreciate the feedback. I’ll take this to the team.