When the emeny team has a horde of War Elephants

4v4. Black forest map. Everyone was basically playing farmvile for an hour. Nobody attacked anyone, just boomed, lots of farms and trade carts etc and hid behind walls. This sort of thing often happens in these chill games. Eventually a horde of about 60 plus war elephants smash through a wall. Backed up with dozens of fully upgraded turkish bombard canons, masses of British longbows, and even khmer battle elephants and ballista elephants.

What can you do to stop the horde?

Attack much quicker so they cant mass such army.


Tons of halberdiers and onagers imo if you guys really need to fight that army heads on. Maybe build a bunch of trebs as well to provide long range support. I know enemy has Turk BBC but onager is still great to wipe out those armies. If all your allies can keep a total of 70-90 halbs coming out in waves I think holding on should not be too difficult.

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Maybe 60 mangudai + 40 mongol SO + 60 Celt SO.

Pick Persians or Khmer

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Halbs donr do as well as you think.

To @BomberGriffin. Your problem was letting them get there.


To cite a certain pro: “resiiiign”


You shouldn’t let that happens. Unlees you can micro 80 monks at the same time, otherwise is simply unstoppable

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Wait for the November nerf to Battle elephant :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, attacking that army head on is often suicide.

You have to play to one of the elephants weaknesses, which is their slow speed. Use lots of defensive walling, castles, towers to slow down the elephant push without taking up pop space (having a number of monks there to convert will also help.

Simultaneously, move your entire army through another path cleared with onagers through the trees, directly to the elephant civs’ eco. You will be able to wreck his eco before he has a chance to send the bulk of his army home. Then by the time he returns with his army, you have a good fight where even if you lose, you will be in a better position because he will not have enough time to replenish his army because his eco was destroyed by you - putting you in a better position for success.

Bottom line though:


Uh, ok. Maybe mostly because Halbs are not really population efficient.

I mean, obviously attacking those players early on before reaching that point is the best strategy, but I also can relate to players who are unwilling to rush or pressure, but just want to fully boom and unleash everything at 45min or later for a big “epic” fight.

And I understand that. Those type of massive fights are awesome. Just don’t expect to beat massed war elephants in that situation.

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If you understand people might want to play that kind of game occasionally, would you be happy for that kind of game to be somewhat balanced?
Earlier you expressed you don’t at all care about balance for this type of game, because “only noobs play that way” or something in that direction.

No. I wouldn’t. Just because it makes them happy doesn’t mean you balance around suboptimal play.

If I let my opponent mass up 200 supply of paladins, trebs and siege onagers, thats on me and I should be punished.

Game is not balanced for 1 hour peace treaty games. I’ not saying people shouldn’t play that way, I’m just saying that, with that settings, some civs are far more powerful than others. And W elephants are going to be unstoppable under that circumstances

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Totally agree. Personally I think balancing around Paladin / treb / SO would be good. Aztecs will be swept under such settings, which is fine.
If there are 2 civs with units that are 2x more pop efficient than Paladin, that ruins these settings for me though. It brings the choice of ‘good’ civs down from 10 or 20 to just those 2.

Halb + Monk. The monks only need to convert a portion of the elephants.

If you have an Inca player, then Kamayuks.

There are 11 civs with siege onager, which can also be effective.

The scenario you presented indicates plenty of build-up time. Make a lot of barracks. You can spam halberdier trash much faster than the Persian player can replenish elephants from castles. If the Persian player opted for paladins, you still have strong counters. They will run out of gold even in team games.

my argument was 200 pop of it though - as in sacrificed all workers. and how do you counter 200 pop of paladin siege onager treb? i can’t think of an army that does it.

I just played around scenario editor and with FU Persian WE, even with Japanese FU halberdier outnumber them 4 to 1, halberdier still can’t win. So uh, I am not so sure if spamming halberdier can win against just WE, let alone SO and Paladins. :frowning:

and that’s why i don’t think we should balance around 1 hour peace treaty games/black forest/michi noob games.

Yes, you can’t properly counter full Paladin with trash, same goes for WE.
Might be a good thing in a way. Full Paladin/WE is super expensive.

With 200 pop worth of paladin, FU++ camel, EBE, SO, Heavy Scorpion, HCA, or some UU?

Why weren’t you able to come up with this answer yourself?