When the hell will Rome return

It’s 19th Jan and there is still no news about this DLC. How come!


With so much expectations, its gonna bomb hard.

I prefer that they dont commit to a release date and wait for it to be ready and tested than have a hard deadline and rush out something unfinished


I’d prefer if they have a second closed beta test before releasing it to the public.


I can wait till 2030 if that means we get a great game. Warcraft 3 remastered had a hasty release and we all know what happened.

I just want info on what the DLC brings to the table*, besides the Roman civ. Does it have new campaigns? Does it only bring Romans? Will they replace the Eastern Romans in Alaric and Attila besides the Western Romans?

*I know the DLC ports AoE 1 DE civs to AoE 2 DE


I hope for some info in February, after the release of the console version
How do you know that the Romans will be a new civilization? Have they been confirmed?

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Some info has been leaked in the past

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Pretty much everyone and their mother knows that the Romans are coming to AoE2 at this point. It’d be best for the devs to stop teasing everyone and actually reveal the expansion. They’re way behind schedule in terms of the roadmap and it’s making everyone, myself included, terribly impatient. I understand they might need some more development time, but if that’s the case, communicating with their fans and saying so would be a good idea. You know it’s bad when Nintendo is better with communication than the AoE2 devs. When a highly-anticipated game was taking more time than expected, they said so in a Nintendo Direct. There is absolutely no excuse for the devs to not be forthcoming.


Didn’t they announce that more information will follow AFTER! the Console Release? As thats obviously the bigger priority right now.
I’m glad that we got information about the DLC so early at all.


March probably… one year after dynasty of india

Ides of March, probably


that would be a cool date for the release


That’s less than two months ahead.
I would guess that we won’t getting a release then, but more news and info, though

There was already a second beta test afaik.

When? I only heard of one.

On aoe 1 heaven site someone made a post that a second beta happened, I guess it was by sets of people.

That’s right:

Coming Up…

2022 has been very, very busy for our team. We’ve spent a good chunk of the year working in secret on the upcoming release of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition for Xbox consoles, and we can’t wait to put this in everybody’s hands on January 31st, 2023 – hard to believe that’s so soon! Day over day the team is updating builds, fixing bugs, testing and iterating, and it’s genuinely amazing to see a game we love so much suddenly accessible in our living rooms! Playing through the William Wallace campaign on your couch with a controller somehow makes a familiar friend seem new and vibrant, and it’s hard not to get emotional given our collective attachment to this game. We really can’t wait to hear your feedback, and rest assured that we’ll be listening and responding!

Then, right behind that, we’ll be bringing you Return to Rome! We know you’re anxious for more details and we’ll certainly have more to say about it in the coming months, but again… to be revisiting such beloved content and making the effort to keep it vibrant and accessible to all of you has been a labor of love. It’s our privilege to be custodians of such a wonderful game and we’re similarly anxious to deliver this exciting experience and hear what you think!

The patchnotes were posted in December, so a March release seems possible.


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second beta happened? Any links?

I heard there was 2nd beta 1 week before xmas.

Thank you for the info, I’m glad they are collecting feedback from the community.