When will AoE Retold come out?

Hi guys, when do you think could be come out Aoe Retold? I wish this year probably at the end but i dont know it.
What do you think about it ?

Maybe this fall hopefully. I want to pick it up and try it as I’ve heard AoM is good from everyone. Ive never played AoM and haven’t bought it on steam because AoM Retold is in the works so I will just wait for the new one.

My guess is next year.

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pretty sure this June we’re gonna hear some news and hopefully see a bit of gameplay. either on 8th at summer game fest, or on 11th at xbox games showcase

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Was hyped, now I don’t rly care.

I’m sure they’ll come out with some crap within 1 year or two and no matter if it’s bad or good, I may play it for a while.

Players r dumb in all the RTS game genre and it makes the game generally less playable/fun anyway.

Hopefully at the end of this year :crossed_fingers:

Could you explain this generalisation a bit further? Without explanation it could sound like an insult unless you want it to be one.

I’m doubting that they are going to release this game this year, the lack of news since the announcement is proof of that but more strange things have happened before so who really knows.

I feel the best scenario is we get gameplay trailer & information from the devs and a release date for early to mid summer 2024 sometime in June 2023.

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In October for the 20th anniversary of The Titans…

They rarely ever communicate what they are working on.
There was also a radio silence about AoE4 until relatively close to release.
And for DLCs we get nothing until a few weeks before release too.
I don’t expect to hear anything until AoMR is almost complete.

Hopefully, at this moment this is the project in the aoe franchise that I’m more interested in, even if technically it isn’t a age of “empires” game

We all are…it’s the only age we’re missing…

Athena: “Arkantos wake up, a new world awaits you”

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Despite those facts, it’s not the smartest idea/decision. But it’s their choice of course.

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I agree with you that it’s stupid but I’m used to it now.

It’s also definitely a publisher thing.
Relic went completely silent about AoE4 until shortly before release while they were perfectly happy to openly talk about CH3 and even had an open alpha a year before the planned release.

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It’s just to maintain the hype prior to the launch of the dlc…

In my opinion they should improve their marketing strategies. Maybe by taking some notes from Paradox.


It’s actually basic logic for literally ‘anything’, you never even announce the film until it’s basically already been filmed and they’re in the post production phases. It’s same with ‘most’ game titles. Not at all confusing. Especially as they likely made 0% of it, it will likely take a year (or more) to even see a glimpse.

The same, Paradox is not heaven, they bleed you to dlcs…

I’m not saying Paradox is heaven, they are actually extremely greedy, to be honest. But they know what they are doing. They know how to make publicity of their products and make them sell well. They have turned an extremely niche genre of games into some of the most played games on steam, far surpassing any RTS game, which had always been their bigger more popular brother genre.
Confusing marketing like we’ve seen with Return of Rome (with many people like even Spirit of the Law expecting something similar to Rome at War), radio silence for months right until release or communicating crucial information of the the dlc in a random facebook reply is simply something that Paradox would never do.

Yes, maybe they didn’t want to show anything so people wouldn’t get bad impressions… I remember that the insiders were allowed to try the dlc back in December, but since I was with the university I didn’t download the dlc…