When will Persian civilization be added to the Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition?

When will Persian civilization be added to the Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition?

Iranian civilization should be added to Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition game. In Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, the ruler of Iranian civilization must be Nader Shah. Like the other civilizations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, the Iranian civilization is a powerful civilization. For this reason, Persian civilization should definitely be in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition.


My dream is a Middle Eastern DLC that would bring us Arabians and Persians civs. In addition, the Arabians civ could be a civ constructed in such a way as to be able to become Egypt or Oman.

Alternatively, the Persians civ could be together with the Omani civ as part of the Middle East DLC, and the Egyptians civ together with the Moroccans civ in the North African DLC.


A DLC with these two civs would be great. The Omani could be quite interesting, since it would be an Arab civ with a lot of African influences (especially from the Swahili).


Maybe… most likely, the leader is Abbas I (you know leader of the late sixteenth century as Elisabeth I, Ivan IV, Akbar and Amina) and the historical battle will be with Nader Shah…


no one knows if or when any civ gets added, well at least not anyone not under NDA.


I mean, we had a lead dev state he’s leaving 3DE to work on “that other game” so while we all want more DLC it wouldn’t be wise to assume anything at this point.

are you refering to this: “as you might’ve heard we’re currently all busy working on that other game, but make no mistake! For some of us Age3 is the only one true game.”

doesn’t seem like a “no more DLC”, more like a “currently busy”.


Well, hopefully, World’s Edge redirects them back to 3DE when work is finished. It can only be two things: AoMRE or AoEIV DLC.

It’s funny how that is worded as if we were alerted before about the 3DE devs working on another project. I don’t recall anything being said about that.

considering its in the same engine as AOE3 im pretty sure its AOM they are working on, i doubt much of the AOE3 team will be effected by the AOE4 DLC except for perhaps tilanus.

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Never. Let’s be honest, AOE III DE sells poorly, has few players (last month peak - 5100, which is even less than the old AoE II HD - 5900, not to mention AoE II DE - 26900 or even AoE IV - 15600 ), and is most likely already out of its budget for post-launch development.

Microsoft sees that releasing more DLCs for AoE III DE is no longer (or maybe never was) profitable, so they just won’t release any more DLCs, limiting the development team’s work to balance patches, possibly with some new maps or units, but nothing more.

The approach of the development team seems to confirm that. It looks like they want to fill as many gaps as possible before the game is completely abandoned. That’s why, for example, they added units from nations that are usually postulated as potential new playable factions (like Denmark, Poland, Morocco, Persia etc) in the form of native units - while creating this content they just knew they won’t get the budget for the next DLCs that would add such factions, so they wanted to represent them at least symbolically through these few units.

So there will be no playable Persia, Morocco, Poland or Denmark etc in AoE III DE. All those funny dreamers who, after 5 minutes of research on Wikipedia, paste here their ridiculous lists of suggested factions to add, containing dozens of new ones, are simply naive or ignorant and have no idea what the development process looks like.


Thankfully you are here to illuminate the community


This reads like something that would come from a burner account.


This is just plain rude callouts, without any background information, about the team, microsoft, or their work.
Noone of us knows what and how they are doing it, and there are enough updates to simply proof your wrong in many ways.


As if this hadn’t happened before. The Aztecs, Lakota, and Hudenosaune (Irokese) began as minor factions. They then became playable civilizations.

On this do you base your conclusions?

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IDK why people always point the finger at Microsoft when World’s Edge is the one that makes all the decisions. Microsoft on a whole is pretty hands-off with its gaming division.

Anyway, none of us have the numbers so to state as a matter of fact that 3DE isn’t profitable is quite presumptuous. As far as player numbers go AoE2 is the golden goose and AoEIV is the new kid on the block. If you exclude those two games the numbers for 3DE are pretty healthy in the RTS genre.

Yeah, World’s Edge probably won’t increase the budget for campaigns but we have gotten a substantial amount of DLC so far. A KotM per year isn’t totally unrealistic at least for a little while longer.

We can speculate till the cows come home (something I’m quite guilty of myself) but until we get an official word about what the future of 3DE holds it’s best to remind ourselves to just enjoy the ride as much as we can. Spend time on AoE social media accounts and you’ll see there is still plenty of interest for more 3DE DLC.


You are wrong. Clearly this random quote a dev said once that wasn’t 100% related to the game means that the game is dead.

Also, there aren’t a ######### people playing the game which means the game clearly isn’t profitable

Source: it came to me in a dream


You are confusing Yemen with Oman.

No. I am not


Probably with a Middle Eastern focused DLC. It would be 2 civilizations plus some natives and new maps.


The question that concerns me is not about whether Persia should be a civilization in the game, but what sort of niche or role it would fulfill that would make it unique and yet balanced. We should be asking ourselves what civilization type is missing from the game, and whether Persia, with the historical facts of the period, fulfill that role.

Every civilization has a role or some kind of gimmick. Russia is the zerg civilization, Lakota is the cavalry/raiding civilization, Malta emphasizes defense, Germans focus on quality, Mexico is a wild card that can do all sorts of different things.

The developers do not need to be persuaded any more of whether of Persia or Oman or Morocco, or any other civilization should exist, based on its historical evidence that this civilization merited enough importance between 1450 - 1870 to warrant a feature in the game. What they need now is an inspirational idea about the civilization’s gameplay, how the civilization would behave like, and how it would contribute in the gameplay experience without being just a reskin of somebody else. A lot of proposals to me come across as making Persia a less weird India that doesn’t have elephants. Likewise, the idea of a Tatar civilization excites me, but they cannot be just an Asiatic Lakota. They need to be able to do something no other civilization quite can yet.