When Will The Host Lag Be Fixed?

When will the bug be fixed for when the host player for a multiplayer game suffers severe gaming breaking lag that is not related to the host’s internet connection or their machine?

Other players in the game do not experience the lag at all even if they are on much older machines.

These have been going on for 6 months now and it’s making the game unplayable.

I’ve posted with the same problem. Do you also get the issue of games saved when the lag is severe are still just as slow after being rebooted and reloaded?

Yep! All the time.

The game is using 15gb of memory when it starts to lag (only as the host) even when there are just two players vs 3 AI players. This is more than games like cyberpunk, so there is something seriously wrong.

I’ve just played a couple of hours with VSync enabled… and it has helped a lot! A couple of slowdowns so far, but nothing like as bad as before and not game killers. Give it a try!

I too have the suspicion and expetience that it could be graphics related. I have a potato PC but it runs mostly fine. In the middle of the game a near crash but it recovers. If not… just F3 pausing isn’t enough. I change the graphics setting. My RX460 can do Ultra no problem. I switch to Lowest. That’ll not help but is a must. The change back to Ultra is the winner. It runs baby smooth like from the start.

So I suppose it flushes the VRAM or so? From Lowest to Ultra it has to load all the shiny details (again). I mean the game uses e.q. 2259MB VRAM. From start to finish. Says the MSI Afterburner. That is rediculous for such a game.

I’ve tried all different graphic setting without any success.
I find pausing the game and letting it catch up, sometimes this can take 1-2 minutes before my game itself actually pauses, afterwards it can run “smoothly” for 5-10 minutes.

Vsync makes no difference to me, low graphics or ultra high, all the same.