When will the rest of the civilizations get the campagin?

Holy Roman Empire, the Chinese, the Delhi, and Abbasid are still missing, which is unfortunate because it’s the stories we’ve not yet seen before, except for HRE, which I just like in general.

When can we expect the rest of the civilization campaigns?

I will love for every civ to have a campaign as well.

Campaigns are boring after french, I would prefer a conquer the world campaign like the one on Rise of Nations, it would add more replayability and will be more fun, they can focus in a dinamic global map, that’s why games like RoN, DOW Dark Crusade and total were so popular… Also hearing the same narrator over and over again is boring, at lest age 2 has different narrator depending on civ…

If there are many 4K historical commentary films for each civilized campaign, then I don’t think new campaigns will be launched soon, because making these films will consume time and resources.

I think we won’t receive any campaign until autumn of 2022.

I have mixed feelings about the Age 4 campaigns for exactly this reason. While the documentary videos are great, it is something that cannot be easily and quickly produced. They will need to cut down on this feature, or it will seriously hamper their ability to introduce new campaigns on a regular basis.