When will this guy be added to the game?

Or have I completely missed this?

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Campaign only for that one


That character is already in the game! The red cross on a white field is St George’s flag and was used by English and French crusaders during the crusades, starting in the 12th century. English uses St Georges flag as their standard and you can see the resemblance of that character on the English MAA:

If you’re looking for the European factions in a crusading context you will find them as the antagonists in the Sultan’s Ascend campaign.

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As Spirit of The Law said: this is big missing opportunity, making a DLC with new civs and campaign that has nothing to go with your addition. DLCs for AoE II are great (like whole game) because they are consisted thematically, focused on one are, bringing civs that correlate in different campaign.

Instead of this “variants” I would love to see only three or even two civs, but balanced with title of DLC.

I agree! I’m personally hoping for an American civ focused dlc in the future since that could include early interactions with vikings and late interactions with spanish, many historical scenarios in the same time frame that allows a diverse cast of civ introductions through several time periods.

As I understand it, there will be 3 unique civ-based campaign civs already in the game:

  • Teutonic Order.- based on the HRE
  • Templar Order.- based on the French
  • Hospital Order.- based on the English

Well, with that officially 7 of the game’s 8 original civ appear in the campaign. The only thing missing is the Delhi Sultanate, although for this we may have to wait for a DLC with Asian civs from the Persian Gulf and India, such as the Timurids, Persians, Rajput or Vijayaganara, or perhaps variant civs such as the Deccan Sultanates, which works like the Chinese, with another set of Landmarks and some different attribute.

Some Crusader Units:

Teuton Knights Corpses_ Trailer Sultand Ascend

Returning to the crusaders:

  • Officially there is only the image of the Steam promotional Teaser of the expansion, where some units from one of the crusader civs appear (I think the French Templars), including a Heavy Cavalry unit, which could be special to the Campaign.

  • In the future, as happened with models of campaign units and their weapons (Robin Hood → Wynguard Archer, Shield of Danish Raider → Shield of Wynguard Footmen), in some future expansion, perhaps they will consider making the variants of the canon campaign, or in any case add these units as optional extras for the original civ.

  • Of course, seeing that they have already created the models for some units of the Teutonic Order, it is very likely that a civ of the Teutonic Order can be made in the future to represent the State they had in Estonia. However, as they are the Balkan areas, perhaps it will come in a Balkan expansion, along with Lithuania-Poland, Hungary and Denmark, or even Sweden.

I think they just brought out the Japanese to “test” how another CIV is received that does not follow the normal pattern of the common rooster of units.

From an archer with a very light and low damage bow (Yumi-ashigaru) to the replacement of the Crossbowman as a mounted unit with a braided and composite bamboo bow (Onna-musha).

For the Aztecs, by having units with stone and Obsidian weapons, they will probably depend a lot on bonus damage, but now there will no longer be a problem if they have archers or spearmen that are weaker than the basic but cheaper.