When will we see the boar hunted?

I play Delhi, so it’s out of the question already, but I’m wondering when, if ever, the boar will become something for other Civs to aim for.

It’s too strong for workers, too far away as well, and can’t be carried (even extremely slowly) by scouts.

I like the idea of having more wildlife to interact with. Unfortunately, the boar in this game seems like passive environment that, after a while playing, you begin to view as less than the hawks in AoE2.

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I will sometimes go for a boar if I feel it’s safe to take/in a spot the enemy is unlikely to scout. 8 villagers can kill a boar safely w/ textiles, or if you’re willing to lose a villager you don’t need textiles. Just make sure all the vills pull out their melee spears instead of their bows.

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Sometimes I go for boar depend if I don’t have enough wood for farm transition while I’m pushing enemy base and there isn’t any hunt deer in safe spot… I sent some military unit to kill boar before villagers come

It already is if you have map control or are playing maps like Mountain Pass.

I go for boar when playing HRE as I just wall off half the map and go crazy usually

Textile upgrades or 10 villagers and u won’t loose a villager or just simply kill the boar with spearmen, throw an outpost out there to be safe, and then go from there. Usually I’ll turn the spot into a forward outpost with a castle barracks and the works

You can kill the boar with 4-5 villagers without textiles.

Take your scout and make scout to tank it while villagers kill it. I usually open up with 2 scouts so I can easily rotate between scouts and kill it with 4 villagers.

Ah i usually don’t take the boar that early, leaves villagers too exposed. By the time I plan on taking boar I’ve usually researched textiles already anyway.