When you get to Feudal Age

What are the top 5 things I should be upgrading or building and in what order

That would depend entirely on what your strategy is.

Have you tried playing the walkthroughs?

Depends if you’re planning a fast castle or flush… flush upgrade a few blacksmith and pump out your units… fast castle you crank out a few more villagers upgrade one or two Econ techs and go

In general: unless youre fc’ing

Double bit axe
Horse collar
Those two, especially double bit axe are the 2 important eco upgrades you should get asap

-If youre going scouts or m@a/melee. Scale or armor, if youre going ranged fletching. But the unit upgrades depend on what youre gonna go for.

For something like wheelbarrow, it depends, sometimes if i feel that im far ahead and got housed, i’ll get wheelbarrow, if not then i postpone it to castle.


I guess all I was looking for is what should I be looking at to upgrade. I usually try to fast castle.

If youre doing fc, get DBA and horse collar ON THE WAY to castle age. If youre going for boomy 4 tc plays then get heavy plow.

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How long should it take me?

man , it depends what you wish to do … The question has to be like "what is the easiest thing in age II for m e ? :confused: ? :smiley: "

have a look at this video if you’re trying to learn to fast castle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JlANuLzzL0

For FC about 15 min is needed

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Thanks Arshia!!!