Where are the Celts?

Hello everyone,
I used to play the original AOE when I was a child and recently I just bought the DE version.
I really love what the developers did but I may have one problem:
There is no Celt civilisation! It was already a lack in the original version but the rerelease would have been an opportunity to correct that like AOE 2 and 3 gets more contents.
This absence is also a problem in the Campain, when playing the Romans and invading Gaul because the Gauls are based on oriental civilisation, which is obsiously a mistake. I know the wanted to stay close to the original but no one would have blamed them to change that.

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Maybe they’ll put it in Return of Rome…since 1 DE never worked well…AoEO has Celts and now they’ve put in an “Invasion of Britannia” campaign where you play with Celts and Romans for control of Britannia…