Where are the custom maps and custom parameters?

It’s been 4 months folks. We need the ability to create our own maps and have our own custom parameters. The game has gotten to the point that we are fighitng close and intense battles, but I keep expecting the “next level” with more and more units and it never comes. It’s an extremely disappointing experience.

It’s fine if this isn’t how relic wants the ladder to go, but this should be a high priority issue for relic. Age 2 relied a lot on custom maps with units/starting resources changes etc. to keep people interested. It breathes new life to units, technology and tactics. This way we can get that 4v4 with cutthroat fighting if that’s what we want or 4v4 with a huge map to play a more expansionist game. Not having this ability is really limiting the game.

It will come , in spring update we think . They said that we are going to make skins out of units and that stuff so , we are going to wait for a while