Where can I find the recorded games of expert players?

As stated in the header “Where can I find the recorded games of expert players ?” and how to watch them?


unlike Voobly, recs are not auto-uploaded anywhere. your only option is to download recs of tournaments, you can find these occasionally on aoezone.net.

For a recent tournament (Fair Civs Cup), you can find some recordings here:



Most of them cast their own games in youtube or twich. Also there’re some casters, like T90 or Memb whom cast pro games


In addition to the answer by @SpartanCow696 there is also aocrecs.com. Unfortunately there aren’t many DE recs there, either.

There’s also the issue that DE doesn’t maintain backwards compatibility between versions, so watching recorded games from older versions (such as the recs from NAC 3) isn’t possible, even if you still have the rec files.

As for how to watch them, just place the files in your Savegame folder, then you can load them in game. Click on the “Saved and Recorded Games” button in the main menu to go to the menu where you can load them (it should also have a button that opens your Savegame directory).


there is a way of fix that problem?

I watch recorded games on Youtube. Just type Aoe Viper or Hera in to the search, and then others will pop up too.

YouTube videos are not recorded game files, though. There are many reasons someone might want the actual rec, rather than just a gameplay video or casting of it.

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I don’t know how common this is, but at least one top player makes game recordings available to his Twitch subscribers via a section of Discord that is only visible when you link your Discord account to your subscribed Twitch account.