Where can I get these buildings?

Here the Castle, Wonder, Town Centre, University, Stable looks better.

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This is HD indian buildings if im not mistaken.

No they are distinct.

If no one has ported it to DE, you could ask the owner of the mod or maybe ask someone else to do it for you. No joking

I don’t know what mod it is. That’s why I ask.

It says so right there: Indian Architecture Mod, by Cysion

That’s not the mod. The buildings are different.

the pictures you posted are from aoe2 hd which was released in 2013
most players nowadays play aoe2 de which was released in 2019

unless you find a mod (a modifcation of the game by the user) it is not possible to get these graphics in aoe2 de

I am aware that these are from HD. As the previous user said, I can try to port them or ask someone to port them into DE. But first I need the source. So you have any idea where I can find the graphics as in pictures in my original post?

Do you own HD? If so, download he mod there. Most AoE2 modders should know what to do with the files, so you’d only need someone willing to help you

Yes I own HD. What mod should I download?

Ah, I finally understood your question. You are asking which mod has the buildings you posted in the first post

I don’t know. I suppose you could try looking every indian buildings mod. I have no idea how many indian buildings are there, however.

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two issues with this: resolution and destruction animations
resolution: you need somehow upscale the resolution to fit with aoe2:de, otherwise it will look really strange. this is doable
destruction animations: no idea how this could be done. might just have to accept the animation from a different building (so when it goes to 0 hp, it becomes a different building and starts collapsing looking like that)

I did try searching but couldn’t find it. So I thought I should ask here.

Sorry :frowning:

This could be it.

This does not contain the buildings I am looking for. It has the same set of buildings as in the steam link I shared earlier.

Not sure if this helps, but these graphics were made by Chris Morton of Forgotten Empires. Here they are on Art Station:


Renders of my Indian buildings mod for Age of Empires 2, shortly before reworking them as official graphics for the HD edition in 2015.

I guess the mod might been updated with the reworked versions, and that’s why you can’t find it.

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Seriously? So nobody kept a backup of the files? :worried: