Where did game mods go?

i have a SSD and a local disc in my pc. Steam and all games i bought are in my local disc. nothing related with my SSD
thats what i do
1.open aoe2 de
2.click mods
3.browse mods
4.download any mod
and guess what ?
all the mods i have downloaded ,otomaticly go into a new folder in my SSD that i’ve never known their existence??? thats why mods does’nt work for me …
do you guys have any solution for this? please help…
(sorry for bad english not my mother language )

Mods go into “C:\Users{username}\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE{userId}\mods”.
You can also open mod folder by “Open directory” button after selecting mod in mod manager.

thx for reply .
yes but why? my game is not in ‘‘C’’. i can find the mods but they are not in the right place…also open directory button doesnt do anything for me because the mods are in the wrong disc:(