Where do I find basic units statistics and basic game info?


For somebody who is coming from AOE3 how do I find out a list of changes in AOE3DE? For example do Sioux TPs provides gather improvements (like in ESOC patch)? If it does how do I know how much and what radius is? Is it available in some sort documented way anyway?

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Hi @artisticcheese, The team has said that on release day a list of changes will be announced.

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Not yet. Unless someone in the community compiled it. I guess something will be available when the game actually launches at oct. 15th.

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thre has to be a section in the game where you can check stats :c

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Yes, the tech tree. If you want to know all the DE changes, those will be announced at release.

like nope… the tech tree only shows descriptions not stats.
We are asking for stats, not “good against heavy infantry”


There are stats for improvements. Why it does not show stats for units is strange. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition and Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition both show unit stats in their tech trees.