Where do we change our multiplayer avatar / portrait now?

Loving the game so far, but I checked all the menus I could think of and couldn’t find how to change my avatar. I saw several other people with different avatars – are they being randomly assigned or can we still change them ourselves?


I wish I knew that too.

you cant… because they gave us no ranks like in age 3 legacy…
no custom portraits, no player profiles, no playHCities, nothing!
the game was rushed… so they will “probably” add it later… considering the revies are at negative right now.

I figured it out, we can’t change our portraits anymore because they’re determined by our civ. So French people will get Napoleon, Spanish people get Isabella, etc.

Seems like an odd change since I dunno about others but I liked selecting my own portrait – but it’s nbd either way

what is playhctieies?

Somebody pls confirm this information for me (because I still refuse to believe): You cannot select a portrait of your own anymore? (If so, things are even more absurd than they already are).

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maybe lvl system could be implemented to unlock new avatars