Where is CTRL-SHIFT-A from aoe3 !?!?!?

Since beta been begging, please add CTRL-SHIFT-A so we can SELECT ALL THE SAME OF THE CURRENTLY SELECTED UNITS

It’s beyond hard atm to put units into the desired control group. they bump into each other, there aren’t set any control groups and no CTRL SHIFT A

in age of empires 3, the original keybinds not the DE version, u had CTRL-SHIFT-A → which would allow you to select ALL of the same of the currently selected units so u could easily keep ur control groups updated

right now it’s infernal to have more than 2 control groups seriouslyt man

specially with for example, trying to mix crossbows and archers → u cant if you have 1 horse that getsd in the way ffs

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A good way of doing this is to use the Select All Army hotkey, and then shift+click to remove the groups you don’t want in the bottom left, then control group the rest.

I don’t think there will be any hotkey additions before Spring 2022.


CTRL + CLICK the unit !?!?!?

I believe he means anywhere on the map. Ctrl + clicking only selects all of that unit type within the bounds of your screen.


CTR+SHIFT+A selects all units in the game…
When you have several type of units selected, SHIFT+CLICK and CTRL+CLICK selects or deselect the type of unit clicked.