Where is my Unit Counters Chart?

I bought the deluxe edition on steam and am unable to find the units counter chart. I see the DLC for digital soundtrack but no download or link in game for units counter… Is it not available day1?

hello go browse local files then you can find it under unit counter charts.


i’m also not able to find the chart. Very surprise and disappointed with how they implement such additional contents, i.e. not even making an “Additional Content” tab in Steam library

Its embarrassing that i had to come search for this and then when i find it i realise that i have totally been scammed!!!

If this was any other game, than the one i started gaming with, I would of got a refund…

Honestly that chart is Dog crap!!! where are the Siege units and boats?>??
and I know a Speaman beats a Knight but i want to know what Bonuses they get so i can work out how many i need etc!!!