Where is news regarding AoE4!?

Where is all the news!? It’s September

We have no new news on the insiders page:
[Trebuchet Tribune news] from July, August and maybe even September!?

Why aren’t we hearing anything?


We have heard absolutely nothing.


Here a litle bone.

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This is really strange behaviour and when they do talk about something it really isn’t anything of worth. As someone who liked the CB a lot, really don’t understand why they are so afraid to show more to the public.


Yeah Its wierd, I played the beta and feel they have so much more to show.

But theyre completely silent 1 month before release it feels so strange.


Game development is hard. I don’t think there’s anything valuable to add besides that.
Unless there is somebody from the dev team on the forum that can share some insider info. But for many reasons he could not and would not, so we can all judge what is the reason for this situation and give our best guesses.
We’ll hear about it soon enough. There are people in high places who are currently mulling over some AoE IV decisions that will affect their further careers in the industry.

After announcement about postponing features, I wouldn’t count on delay but tbh I suspect everything. From release date moved to march, to ‘everything is great, we reviewed surveys and forum feedback and don’t feel there’s anything to add or say about it. Game is great, please preorder.’

Who can say.

Last Tweet about IV is one week old, and was about Companion Book
If they announce it very soon- there is still time for some weekend beta.


I suspect there are furious discussions going on right now about what to do next, and that may explain the radio silence. They can’t make any announcements or comments without building consensus first.

Just a hunch.


Worst article I’ve read about aoe4. Feels like a poor translation? However, I couldn’t find the original article (if one exists).

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True, i did not take time to read it. I just fund it befor going to work. XD

It is very badly writhen., but at least is is a fresh article.

Or maybe, just maybe, they listened to all our feedback, are hard at work and don’t want to say anything so that they can surprise us at launch and blow our minds!


Update: They reuploaded their gamescon stream


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I’m sure that’s it! Woohoo!


Strange that they had us beta test such an old build. Why not a fresh build?

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They were probably testing something specific but didn’t tell us.
And yeah I will say it felt like a beta at least, it was clear it wasn’t the release version.


A lot of the test was probably for the servers and matchmaking.

Also as soon as they pick a build for beta they don’t stop working, but new changes won’t be pushed to that build, so it very quickly becomes out of date.


That’s not how software development works.


Old stable build is better when testing bugs and game performance.

Newest build was most like too prone to crashes and would not have been worth while test build even if it had more QoL features.


Top it off it’s a massive risk to have your latest build exposed to 100,000 users before launch.

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Fresher than the one they beta tested, I mean. I don’t mean something from that afternoon.

(I thought that was obvious, but I guess not.)

Isgreen said in the video that the beta test build was “several months old at this point.” That seems rather extreme.