Where is the change log that the cost of a Portuguese villager has become cheaper from 100F to 85F?

They missed the change log?

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I think it’s not intended (so a bug), their villagers should cost 100f.

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They may have simply miswritten the news. They are also using the wrong image while explaining a carolean. A carolean’s ranged attack value is 14, not 19. And its rate of fire is 2.0, not 2.5.

Where did you find change log?

Did you try to shoot anything and see the dmg it made? It might have been updated along with the melee info. Also 19 @ 2.5 rof is a buff!!! In terms of dmg per sec. However you could consider it a nerf in terms of tactics since now you can no longer shoot twice and meleee-runaway to evade enemy second volley.

Check the dmg out

I just tested with it. Its damage is definitely 14 and attack rate is 2.0.

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