Where is the Defensive stance?

Loving the game so far, but I’m getting frustrated at unit control.

It’s great that there are formations - especially fond of line formation - and the ability to face units in a specific direction by holding right click… but the lack of a “Defensive” stance severely limits the ability to use these features to their potential.

The real root of the frustration is the way units can only either be standing ground, where they will not move from their position no matter what, and an aggressive stance with literally no leash. There isn’t even a patrol option, which is kind of baffling in it’s own right, tbh.

The game really needs at least an in-between, defensive stance, allowing units to hold a line, but be able to chase enemies for a short distance before returning to their original position.

This would really round out the unit control options, giving each a purpose: whether you want to brace spearmen for a charge, block pathing of friendly and enemy units, or keep ranged units on a wall (Stand Ground), chase down fleeing enemies with cavalry, etc. (Aggressive), or keep a squad of melee infantry defending a position without straying too far or ignoring attackers (Defensive).

Please consider bringing this feature back! Thank you.

Edit: I didn’t do enough research before making this post, but everything above applies when a unit is on the attack-move command. There is a leash, but it only applies if you’re not on the attack move.


This is the unit’s current standard behavior; if you move a unit to a location it will stay there, attack targets in sight or targets that are attacking it and return once done.
What is really missing is the aggressive stance and a stand ground stance that does not reset once repositioned.


Oh yes I hate not having a stand ground stance that always stays.

I think the confusion stems from unattended units being lured great distances against units like archers that are well micro’ed. It can feel like the defending units chase forever as they are regularly reengaged and kited.

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They break their formation too easily

Not exactly. As it stands now units have no leash. The unit will stay where it was ordered to stand until attacked, or enemies come within aggro range, and then continue to pursue the target forever. That is until it has lost sight or the unit has been killed, in which case it will reacquire targets within range from there.

What I’m talking about is a stance where units will give chase only for a certain distance from its original position, whether or not it can still see the enemy unit that triggered it. In this proposed defensive stance, giving an attack command to a location will treat that location as its new leash origin.

Hmm, that may be true.

Like if we could make a circle and when they reach the end of that circle, they retreat to their previous formation?

In a way, yes. There would be an invisible circle around your unit, and when it leaves that circle, whether the unit it is chasing is alive or in sight, it returns to its original position before reacquiring a target. In game design terms this is commonly called a “leash”.

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Patrol is missing, aggressive stance, hold position… Feels like the devolepers have forgotten basic RTS stuff that was already present in Warcraft 2. But in 2021 it seems they didn’t have time to implement it before the release date…

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I hope this just got left out because of time constraints (and gets added in asap) and is not indicative of forced controller support:

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If it was intentional I hope the one who made that decision could learn some basic RTS unit control and think it twice. I hope it’s just lack of time.

I did some testing, and you’re right when it comes to units youve ordered to a location, who are just standing still or given the “stop” command, though I think for a defensive stance even then the leash is too long.

If you have given an attack move command though, there is no leash, the unit will chase whatever aggros it forever. If a unit was given an attack move command on a defensive stance, it should not chase units forever, but return to the original position still.

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The battles are like carnage. I am losing my archers because of this problem you mentioned. The muscle units which supposed to protect archers are killed earlier because of their aggressive stances. Microing is not possible.

Yes they need to add a defend option like staying near a outpost and only moving within the outposts line of sight. Could be used on all buildings and units (basically making it a follow mechanic), as well as resources. Also a couple more army formations would be nice (I miss the circles with archers in the middle). 100% need a patrol mechanic (how cool would it be to have archers walking your walls?)

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The lack of a defensive stance and constantly loosing my units to them chasing enemies across the map to the enemy base is one of the reasons I don’t play this game anymore and I wish I could get my money back on it. I don’t like paying $60 for an unfinished game.