Where is the recorded game folder?

I can’t find the recorded games folder, where is it placed? does aoe 4 have a page like https://aoe2.net/ to download the recorded games?

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As far as I can tell, there is none at this point. Recorded games are stored on the servers and can only be accessed through a player profiles’ match history.

Thanks, in aoe 2 DE the recorded games are stored inside the user folder not in the game installation, I was hoping to find aoe 4 recs there too, but yes, it seems you are rigth, I hope this could change in the future, not always Internet is available full time, the game still needs a LOT of fixes an improvements, from the last beta I feel it the same, but anyway, it is better to enjoy it now and not wait more months, even with all present problems

Seriously can’t download a game to watch it offline??