Where is the Replays? Where is The Expert Forums?

RTS Sanctuary and Heaven Games gone, where is the real forum for Age 4? This forums from microsoft is obsolete, limited and with a very bad design, they seem improvised things… Replays exist?

Im not sure what you mean by “real” forum.
We are literally on the official aoe forums.

If you are looking for places to post you can go to reddit or their discord.

You can watch replays ingame.

You can rewatch your own and friends games through clicking into the profile.

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If you are coming from a community such as AoM for example, let me update you real quick…

The community has moved away from Forums for a while. Most conversations are on Discord servers that you join based on your interests - the most common being of the expert players you like. Recorded games no longer need to be uploaded by the players to a website either. You can find them in-game and unless the player has privacy enabled, you can watch anyones.

Most top players will also be streaming on Twitch or Facebook. With so many top games available at all time plus the option to observe the players as they battle on stream, people hardly ever have long discussions about an specific game, such as you would have on RTS Sanctuary over ‘that amazing recorded game your favourite player uploaded’.

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Well game is very new atm so right now you won’t really find something like that yet. It’s only a matter of time though.

Although this is true - he’s not referring to that. Discord channels are not designed for longevity. They exist and work really well for day-to-day interactions, but not to look up an awesome pro game from, say, 2007.

Websites or forums like the ones he listed or AoEZone preserve tons of things for years or even decades. Replays are one of those things, and he was asking about that. I also think it’s a good idea to begin setting up - be it standalone or on websites that already exist - to build a library for AoE4 to refer back to in time. :slight_smile:

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