Where to find skilled teammates/clan?

Looking for people for ocassional team games. I’d to play with people who know how to play but they needn’t to be pros. What am I supposed to do? Any help?

We played with friends a year ago but we all dropped. Now I wish to return but I am alone and do not dare to loose my nerv with random teams :slight_smile:

Thx for any advice

Hey man,
So there are a few clans out there that play team or casual in-house, or grind the team ladder together. There’s some for treaty too if that’s ur thing. I suggest join ROYAL, since that clan is extremely welcoming to new members, and with a few rly good players scattered throughout the server, we teach u ways to improve ur game. My discord is Joshua667746#0466 if u want to pm me and I can get u can invite :slight_smile: