Where's the sportsmanship gone?

This hopefully doesn’t come as a rant, but where has the sportsmanship gone in this game? so often there’s no “glhf” or “gg”. It’s a matter of community growth that we have this I think. Voobly was really good in this, and the pros set a good example of this. I know when tilted it’s hard to have the effort to do it but it’s super important for community comraderie.

Shoutout to JoeJonezz and UnfundedNose for being absolute lads in this


here is the thing
voobly wasn’t something the common player knew about or even used, so those who used it were often the hardcore player base, and not your casual players of the game.

DE contains a mix of both and most casuals probably don’t know about GLHF/GG/etc.

It was killed when the devs decided it is a good idea to kill the pre game chat.

Please bring back the pre game chat!


There is no pre-game chat, so when would you say “gl hf”? The first 30 seconds ingame are the most stressful and after that it’s a bit to late. I am voting for pre-game chat, exactly for that reason.
Enemies civs can be hided, so this wouldnt be a problem --> AND you could see, if all the enemies would like to play random civ too, which would be much more convincing.


Q: Is there a lack of sportsmanship if I dont gg when I got lamed a boar and lose? :smile:


The DE matchmaker will match you with a lot of casual players from all over the world and not just your known peers, which was the environment on Voobly and MS Zone.

If you’re not Top1000 (where you end up playing within a very small pool of players), don’t worry about it. It’s enough to not be toxic. If you don’t know the player you’re up against, it’s fine.

I would be happy to do it for 1v1 but never for team games, since allies are 99% of the time baboons.


People hardly ever write “gl hf” at the starts of games on their own.
But when I write “gl hf” I usually get one back.

So it still exists, people are just busy doing other stuff at the start of the game and forget about it…


Yeah I think its larger player base, also I see it much less when my elo drops haha when its higher I see it all the time.

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i think part of it is also the generic tendency to the world has to have less manners the longer we exist… as a whole the human race is more rude than they used to be, and this is amplified in online games

naturally the tendency to have less manners is magnified by people getting rekt by higher elos, or getting frustrated from getting rekt by varying forms of cheese (tower rush), losing due to broken mechanics (desync, gates not building) or game abuse (abusing pause, laming, wall jumping) allies quitting before your majesty deems its acceptable… all result in a generally less happy and more rude community…

ive brought this up months ago, imo as far as RTS goes AOE2DE has the largest rate of ill mannered players ive come across… FPS have far worse players but thats a whole different ball game

I have a similar experience, with most player responding to my glhf

The gg is very rare in my experience when a player resign, although they will respond gg when i call it and resign.

no it wasnt … TGs have pre game chat and (edit) MORE than half the time people dont respond. your logic is erroneous

the whole world understands the word “hi” and i still dont get a response, its not the terminology its the clown faces on the other end


You’re last point made me laugh… Very untrue…

Even if there is less sportmanship than before, the community is one of the most respectfull for a RTS game. Did you play warcraft 3? Or even LoL (not an RTS by true mean, but still).Or other games, where people keep insulting all day? I was never insulted in any game while playing DE.

I played a ranked 1v1 where we both chose random civs. Glhf, stole some sheep, sent them back. Lol, it was a gg despite being a loss.

1/100 encounter haha

I always feel like if something is always said, it doesn’t really mean anything anyway. For example, if games should always start with gl hf, and always gg before resigning, the game could do that automatically. Does it really make any difference if the human manually does it 100% of the time, vs if the game did it automatically?

You can only chat with your team, not with the enemy. So still worse then before DE.
Yeah, you can have the lobby, but that is just a terrible place at its own.

You are lucky.

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I think so. Good manners affects the behaviors of both parties.

If people make an effort to type a greeting and a thank you for playing, it likely leads to more fun and more friends. I have played a couple of 1v1 games where the opponent and I started doing goofy things like sending a sheep back and forth or making lol units (ships on a land map) and just generally had a better time. After the game, we shared a couple of comments about what had been hard or successful. It was enjoyable.

I’ve also played a few games where the other player was salty. I typed a few positive comments to them: ‘You played well.’ or ‘Thank you for playing’. About half the time the other player then calmed down and reciprocated. That made me happy.

We’ll never convert the trolls, but we may gain some new friends and help grow the user base by establishing a positive culture. It doesn’t take much effort and it is worthwhile.


That’s different, though, if you said something that required some thought, and was relevant to that particular person and game you’ve just played. It’s the idea that mindlessly saying the exact same thing every single time, without any thought, conveys anything at all that I have a problem with.

For example, in a driving game you might have a grid of 20 players, and some names you’ve raced closely with before, and some you’ve never heard of. It’s common for people to say things to a selective subset of those 20 people, e.g. they’ll say “good to see you again” to people they enjoyed racing with in the past. That actually means something, because some thought has gone into it, and it’s selective. If every driver simply said “good to see you again” to every other driver, even those they had never raced against before, then that would be meaningless.

I played league and was so used to toxicity, even I flamed a lot and got 3 accounts banned, but everyone I flamed deserved it!

Here when others say glhf I ignore them because I’m focused on the game and only say gg if they say it first after they lose, if I lose I’m rarely in the mood to say gg because I only lose vs unfair bs and never in a fair fight!

Only ragequit one game so far yet, an ally led opponent knights with his own knight (so no auto scout) into my base (through gate) and later he had knights near my forward Castle building attempt and didn’t protect me, and just left the area (and opponent just had skirms!). I left right there because I thought he was trolling me, but more likely he just didn’t realize both times because he sucks and I read chat what they said after I left and accused me of toxicity lmao. Yes I am, with reason!

This post has a mix of truths and sarcasm.

When I started playing team games I did respond to “hi”, “hello” etc. and other greetings, and I don’t have any problem responding if someone says “hey” to me or whatever. But, after playing several team games, I quickly realised that these same people 99% of the time will do the stupidest things in-game, and so I know that in about 30 minutes I’m going to end up being pissed off at someone I was nice to very shortly before. That doesn’t happen anywhere else in my life ever.

Similarly, I play team games because I like playing with other people and originally I would participate in chat in game and communicate properly etc. However, after seeing people ping 24/7 completely needlessly most of the time and saying that it’s gg or the game is over when they’ve been attacked by 3 scouts in feudal age, I now just mute chat in every game, which is a shame because I much prefer playing with other people.

And this approach works for me :slight_smile: Assume they are idiots until they prove otherwise, not the other way round, and the game is much more fun and satisfying in the long-term.