Whether the rampart in aoe4 will be useless.s

i anxious the beautiful medieval walls,will be useless in aoe4.as useless as the walls of stone in aoe2.
I HOPE every thing in aoe4 will be usefull!

Walls in AoE2 are not useless, on the contrary, they are overpowered and used in excess.

i say the stone walls

You can’t wall with buildings in AoE4, so this will make stone walls very important unless you want to rely on palisades. In addition, siege equipment can be placed on stone walls; which are said to be extremely powerful but have a limited targeting field - so this can be used to cut off certain approaches.


not competetaviely, not stone walls.

only fence and wall?I am chinese.My english is poor.

Did the developer say that you can’t build buildings next to each other? Then I would be interested in whether the buildings have an accessible area within their construction area?

Buildings have a bigger building hitbox, meaning buildings can’t be close to each other but the unit hitboxes aren’t as big so you can walk between them. This is how the roads mechanics work

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If you take a look at this screenshot, featuring the building grid, you will notice that primary buildings have a small ‘no build’ zone around them which makes it impossible to fit them together to form a wall:


Big thanks for answering my question. :slight_smile:
This kind of “Build Mechanic” was in my mind too and this screenshot with the building grid approved the speculating how it will work in game.