Which Age of Empires II unit are you?

In the spirit of the Wololo Wednesdays of forlorn times, I made a thing. It’s a flowchart that will let you find out exactly which unit best represents you in AOE2. Match yourself to any member of any of the 72 unit lines you can make during a regular game of Age 2! (And maybe one or two more.) This project has been in the works for a while, but the announcement of the upcoming DLC came just in time for me to include the new units as well.

Now, the final image is kind of big, so I didn’t want to paste it straight into the forum to save the layout, and maybe people’s data bundle. Click the giant thumbnail below to be taken to the full image.

Done? Like what you got? Tell the world which unit you are, if you think that’s accurate and if you like playing with yourself! As a unit in AOE2 I mean…

Also a poll, because 12 out of 10 people agree that polls are awesome and unbiased!:

Did this test help you?
  • Yes! I built a new strategy around my unit and my elo went up a hundred points!
  • Yes! I now know what my next AOE cosplay is going to be!
  • Yes! It inspired me to organize a tournament where everyone plays using their soulmate unit!
  • Yes! This test has given me 20% more opinions I am going to discuss on this forum!
  • Yes! For other reasons I will explain below.
  • I’m not a Flaming Camel.

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(Note on the colors: I went with a combination that looked thematically appropriate and to me seemed legible enough. This may not be the same for people with say color blindness, an old monitor, a small phone screen or a lack of pre-existing knowledge on where all the arrows lead. I you have trouble finding your way around the chart please complain and give directions on what would make the chart easier to read for you, and I’ll make a more legible version eventually.)

(If you like this thing feel free to share, but please attribute to me and link to this topic.)

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Don’t know which one of these I laughed at. I might have laughed at both.

10/10 would flow again.

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AT-AT is in?

Definitely Shotel Warrior, I love Bronze, and there is no Steel option.
I also love Infantry and Archer civs.

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what do you win if you manage to get the horse

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Elite battle elephant, it seems

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(questions nobody asked)

Is this meant as serious advice?
Call it inspiration. Except maybe if the advice you got was “play a different gamemode”, “play a different game” or “cheat”.

Why is this such a mess?
Because a flowchart is by its very nature a way of organizing things, it’s no fun unless you make it as disorganized as you can.

Wait, are you less likely to end up on unique units than on common ones?
Generally, yes, well spotted. I didn’t tune it out to exact odds, but most of the more likely units to end up on are also more common units in the game. Although there are notable exceptions, like the Imperial Skirmisher.

Which unit do you get?
Depending on how I interpret the questions I end up mostly at Elite Battle Elephant, Heavy Camel Rider and Scout. Those are pretty dissimilar from a personality test standpoint, but they’re all units I like, so I’m pretty happy that I didn’t screw that up for myself. Not sure how I feel about alternative options like the heavy scorpion and spearman, but I suppose I should take my own advice and try them out. Wait, did you just trick me into revealing personal information about myself?

Did you know about the official “Which unit are you” quiz?
Yes. It’s a fun concept. Needs a few more units maybe.

Is question/answer X meant to insult someone?
No. Well, not unless you said Pokémon is stupid. The chart seems pretty opinionated about that for some reason. There may also be one or two Teutons jokes in there.

Is anything the chart says your opinion?
Not necessarily. The chart mostly says what I thought worked for the chart.

The elite cannon galleon in the back of the “Start 2” section, is that really the only unit line that has multiple members but no castle age version?
As far as I can tell, yes. Well, okay, there’s one more you can’t start making until tech level 4, but I figure people who got that might not mind switching back to the right game.

Are you happy that all of the test ended up fitting in the exact amount of space you had decided on using when you started working on the flowchart?
What an oddly specific question dear reader. Yes, yes I was. Even if I had to smush some things together a little towards the end. I blame the new expansion.

What do you win if you manage to get the horse?
Wait, that’s a question someone did ask. If you manage to get the horse without taking a yellow marker to your screen you should treat yourself to an ice cream cone. You’ve deserved it.

AT-AT is in?
I still have a soft spot for that game. Good times, good times.

Were you paid to make this promotional material?
No, but I’d except a free pass for the new DLC.
No I was just making sure you weren’t paid for this rubbish.
You hurt my feelings.

Are you going to post more weird posts like this in this thread?
I might. Good comedians know when to move on to new material after all, and I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a good comedian.

Thanks for taking the test, and sharing your results!

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