Which architecture sets would you like to see added to the game the most?

  • North American (Mississippians, Haudenosaunee/Iroquois, Algonquinians…)
  • South American (Incas, Chimu, Muisca…)
  • Iberian (Spanish, Portuguese, Aragonese…)
  • North European (Vikings and their possible future split…)
  • Balkanic (Byzantines, Bulgarians, Vlachs/Romanians…)
  • Caucasian (Georgians, Armenians, Alans…)
  • Nomads/Western Nomads (Huns, Cumans, Kazars…)
  • Iranian (Persians, Hindustani, Afghans…)
  • South Indian (Dravidians, Sinhalese, Deccani…)
  • Himalayans (Tibetans, Nepali, Kashmiri…)
  • Eastern Nomads (Mongols, Jurchens, Khitans…)
  • split between Japanese (Japanese, Emishi, Ryukyuans…) and East Asian (Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese…)
  • Malays (Malays, Javanese, Chams…)
  • split between West African (Malians, Songhai, Soninke…) and East African (Ethiopians, Nubians, Somali…)
  • South/Central African (Congolese, Swahili, Shona…)
  • Oceanian (Tongan, Maori, Hawaiian…)
  • Other(s)
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
  • None

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Here is a new poll! I often see the question of new architecture set being brought back, but it can be difficult to estimate what people are the most eager to see. I think I’ve included all the architecture set I’ve seen be commonly requested, plus a few others that I came up with just because, but if you have other ideas don’t hesitate to mention it.


I basically voted for the options that improve the architectural accuracy for existing civs, but actually the main things I want to see are:

  • Religion-appropriate monasteries for all civs.
  • Unique castles for all civs.
  • Nomadic architecture set.

(I realise the first two are not really about new architecture sets.)


I’d be most interested in seeing new architecture sets for RoR civs - particularly ######### Assyrians and Minoans


A Steppe architecture, possibly split between East (Mongols) and West (Cumans and Huns). I’d also give a Roman style to the Romans and Goths, and a Central European style to Poles and Magyars (Bohemians should have the Germanic style of the Teutons).


There was a Mongol building mod made for AOK HD. It can be found on Steam still. The mod buildings were great and could be used for Khitans and maybe Jurchens when they are added. Or even the Tibetans.

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Yeah, it’s not really the focus of this thread, but it would be a nice thing to have for sure x)

Sorry, I should have mentioned this poll was exclusively for AoE2 proper. I may do one for RoR at some point in the future, but probably not before a round of polls for new RoR civs, if I find the energy.

Oh, I didn’t think about a Roman style. Not sure it would fit the Goths, tho.

Quite possibly. It may also fit the Tanguts.

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In Italy and Spain the Goths mainly took over the existing roman administration.

The roman style would fit the late Roman Empire so less flashy than the current mediterranean style (with a baroque-looking monastery…).

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I really, really want a Caucasus architecture set to come with new Caucasus civs. You might as well just not have them in if they’re not going to have a new set.

I also want Oceania civs with a new architecture set, but that wouldn’t work nearly as well.