Which attribute number to use to change the frame delay?

We know that attribute number 100 modifies resource costs as a whole, attribute number 0 modifies hit points. I want to modify frame delay of Cavalry Archers in my mod when Parthian Tactics is researched. Does anyone know the attribute number?

Since many attribute numbers are unnamed (just like armor classes after 30), it’s quite confusing to guess.

no such attribute exists is my guess since there isn’t a tech similar to that

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Before the DE, all of us thought that train locations are also unchangeable by techs. Well, look at attribute number 44 now. Playing in full tech tree mode, modifies the train button of Slingers for Incas, Huskarls for Goths, Tarkans for Huns and Steppe Lancers.

Second point, I just checked the scenario editor, under the column modify attribute. All thr options available in Genie Editor are given, along with the two I mentioned above. So I certainly think it’s possible.

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From the Userpatch constants list :

  • New ATTR_GARRISON_TYPE added as #30: append valid garrison type flags (see A.G.E.).
  • New ATTR_DATA_FLAGS added as #31: enable garrison drop with flag 2; disable with flag 4.
  • New ATTR_HERO_STATUS added as #40: set to 0 for non-hero or 1 for full hero status.
  • New ATTR_ATTACK_DELAY added as #41: set to a valid frame delay count.
  • New ATTR_TRAIN_LOCATION added as #42: set to a valid building id.
  • New ATTR_TRAIN_BUTTON added as #43: set to a valid build button slot id.
  • New ATTR_BLAST_LEVEL added as #44: set to a valid blast flag id.
  • New ATTR_HERO_HEAL_TIME added as #45: set to the time to heal 1HP (default of 0 becomes 2s).
  • New ATTR_SHOWN_ATTACK added as #46: set to the displayed attack value.
  • New ATTR_SHOWN_RANGE added as #47: set to the displayed range value.
  • New ATTR_SHOWN_MELEE_ARMOR added as #48: set to the displayed melee armor value.
  • New ATTR_SHOWN_PIERCE_ARMOR added as #49: set to the displayed pierce armor value.
  • New ATTR_NAME_ID added as #50: set to a valid lang id to change object name.
  • New ATTR_CREATE_SDESC_ID added as #51: set to a short description lang id.
  • New ATTR_CREATE_LDESC_ID added as #52: set to a long description lang id (unused).
  • New ATTR_TERRAIN_ID added as #53: set to a valid terrain restriction id.
  • New ATTR_TRAITS added as #54: append valid trait flags (see A.G.E.).
  • New ATTR_CIV_ID added as #55: set to a civilization id (unused).
  • New ATTR_PIECE added as #56: set to the attribute piece value (unused).
  • New ATTR_DEAD_ID added as #57: set to a valid dead object id.
  • New ATTR_GARRISON_TYPE flags: 16: livestock, 32: siege, 64: ships.

Not all of these apply to DE, but most of these do. In your specific case, frame delay is 41.


Thanks a lot sir whoever you are!

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