Which Civ AI is hardest to beat in Skirmish 1vs1?

Which Civ AI is hardest to beat in Skirmish 1vs1 as English?

Not sure on that, I tended to pick the civs I thought were easer matchups for masteries.
If you ram rush, they’re all easy, so you’d need to let them boom a bit, sit back and let them attack you for a while.

It probably depends on how long you let them boom. What difficulty are you playing against, anyway?

Maybe HRE is a decent pick for early game practice. Early armour aggression so longbows are pretty bad. English also get early armour so it’s not that difficult to deal with, but HRE have better MAA.

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English are good against AI generally as they can easily hold the early game push the AI does.

Recommend trying 1v2 if you want to make the ai match a bit more of a challenge :slight_smile:

To make it a challenge, I just play the game as if there is no such Ram units and early Tower buildings. Cheesing the AI makes the game so easy. Take out the Cheese and face him with full resources, that would be the great game.

If you want to cheese, how about play 1vs4? You can cheese the first 2 AI. And let the other 2 have resources and man-to-man face you.