Which civ benefits the most with nearly all units with 500 plus HP?

Which civ benefits the most in this setting?

In a scenario/mod setting, where each resource on the map last forever, and nearly all units have 500 plus HP. Apart from villagers, monks, demo units, and ships. With nearly all units have 500 plus HP, battles were be much longer, as in pitched battles.

Some examples: Normally a champion has 70 HP, but with this setting, it has 570 HP. A War Elephant with bloodlines, normally has 620 HP, but with this setting it’s 1120 HP. A Halberdier now has 560 HP to counter War Elephants.

I ask because I made maps/mods with this kind of setting before in both AOE 2013 HD and DE.

Shotel warriors sound terrifying.
Fast, high attack, produces very fast and have 540 HP.

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Its literaly GothSpam with Elephants.


Thats the reason I want one civ with this bonus: elepphants are produced faster.

Although you need a huge economy for elephamt spam

The Malay would like to have a word with you.

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Karambit warrior with 500hp is terrifying. Fast production, half pop space, fast movement speed and cheap. Nightmare for archers and siege. Infantry and cavalry will be overwhelmed by sheer number


Every unit +500HP is starting out better for the units that started with lower HP. Full pikemen VS full paladin under normal conditions could end relatively even, with both +500HP the pikemen are clearly better, from a cost perspective at least. The battles will tend to drag on because it takes so ridiculously long for any unit to die, but there’s still a big advantage for low HP units.

Because the game has a pop limit and units refuse to die you will get to the pop limit pretty fast though. At pop limit the units that were originally the strongest regain a bit of an edge. An elite war elephant isn’t as much stronger than a hussar as it used to be, but it’s still stronger. (The example from the previous paragraph is a bit unfortunate now maybe, pikemen are still a paladin counter. But for instance champions lose to paladins at pop limit.) As long as you have the resources the elite war elephants can keep pushing and they can keep winning (discounting raids and the hussars always staying away from the elephants for a moment). The one big exception is probably the karambit warrior, at half a pop space it can compete with the strongest units. (At least until you try massed mangonels and a few rams or something that would be silly in regular games like that).

However, then you add an extra rule: all resources last forever. Honestly, I feel this just breaks the game. It means, in combination with how long each unit now lasts, that my economy basically never needs to occupy more than a single screen. I need one or two gold piles, a stone pile, berry bushes, a few dead animals and a woodline, with a total of maybe 40-50 villagers working on them, possibly less. As long as I have that I will always be able to produce the same amount of military as my opponent who has the entire map, indefinitely. Since my army can just defend this tiny concentrated area I just have massive amounts of units there, and I basically can’t be beaten.

In summary: I think this can be fun to play in the way that Monopoly can be fun to play: hanging around for about 8 hours with some friends, laughing about stuff and not taking things too seriously. I don’t feel like it would make for the best competitive format.

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Of all things, I would say Celt siege would be terrifying. Siege Onagers have 570 HP now. Great. Furor Celtica also scales with the new HP granting +40% to the beast unit.

I picked celts because they have the highest multiplier for unit HP. Next will be Mongol Steppe Lancers having +30% HP.

Bloodlines and Sipahi will fall flat and the Frank bonus would reign both. Though Vietnamese cavalry archers will still be a better deal with a similar bonus.

Yeah as others have said, your glass cannon units would become just cannon units. Lol. I think Gebetos would be fun to use in this mod.

I think you’d also see a spike in the value of hand cannons, they’re a high damage output unit, so a lot of times there damage potential is being wasted on units that are almost dead. Not saying hand cannons would beat all, but you’d probably want hand cannons over Arbs in this mod. Since high hp halbs would probably destroy any cavalry meta, hand cannons would become very useful. So civs like indians, portugese, turks, etc would perhaps see more success.

Hmm. Someone should make a realism mod. All units get attack increases, attack time increases(i.e archers have 1 shot potential but an insane reload time, ect), buildings(includes walls) get super armor so they can only be brought down with siege, siege 1 shots most of the units, and severely damages units that are close to the the area it attacked. Fire slowly burns buildings unless repaired. Castles are almost invincible, but the stone cost is much higher, ect.

Assuming the newly generic +500 kicks in first, yes. Frank hussars become the trash to trash all trash. (Good thing trash is not a thing with infinite resources.) Frank paladins are just great in general, they’d be like fast elephants.

Easily countered by Halbs though. They survive much longer, and get more hits in.

Sounds like a nightmare to mod to play :rofl:

Karambit Warrior spam used to be OP when ROR came out, they are pretty trash now, but imagine them with +500 hp

Lol, yeah. I would, but I have no modding skills

I think you’ll need to pick civs that have the most possible bonus damage types that they can dish out. As the base attack of most units is now miniscule in comparison to total HP, You’ll want every bit of advantage. Either that, or the Sicilian bonus against bonus damage. I could see the Aztecs, Byzantines and Sicilians as potentially good picks.

I thought about SO, but with 500 HP units there’s nothing you can do to prevent melee units just running up to your SO and rendering them useless via minimum range.

Well in a stalemate sit, which is very likely to happen with this settings, Siege could be well protected and has insane dps.
I think it would be a karambit vs siege race pretty much. The karambit win if you have an inanely long frontline, the siege if there is more concentrated fighting going on.

All in all a game like this would be very likely to be extraordinary boring, neither site could make great progress and a t some time just gold will become scarce.

Probably the Sicilians, because of 50% less bonus damage.

When you can’t use the counter units anymore you’ve got a problem killing anything with that much HP.

If i’d take a guess, every Infantry civ would benefit the most, the reason being Archer range means nothing if every unit is an arrow sponge and Paladins wouldn’t be able to trade 1v1 against cavalry counters due to bonus damage working against them.