Which civ to choose

Hello everyone, after this latest patch which people do you think have benefited the most? I used to use mexico, but they nerfed it too much, and I wanted to go back to a European. Which is the strongest now in your opinion? I always speak for a 40min treaty.

from what i read germany is really strong atm.


Okay, I’m going to read the changes they gave him

Why do u want to play “the strongest”, just play the one u like the playstyle most xD

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I agree with you, but if you nerf your favorite civ a lot, I prefer to play another one. I would also like to be a competitive minimum, not do 40 min of boom and then lose after 5 minutes. I play all Mexicans, Portuguese and Ottomans


In that case ottomans would be a great choice. France have been improved a bit as well.

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I’ll try the otto! :slight_smile:

I would say the most benefitted, with raw buffs, the Ottomans. Their new Deli cavalry is super good. Fast, fast attacking, easy to use, combined with the new Azap unit…a unit that more or less deletes your enemy’s cavalry, that unit might actually get nerfed next patch, I hope not, but maybe.

All the civs are more-or-less balanced. Exceptions are slight and will likely be rectified by the developers long before you master the civ.

I’d recommend picking a civ you like the theme of and committing to to learning all its intricacies.

If you want someone to choose for you, the most straightforward group of civs is the European ones, and the most straightforward European civ is France, in my opinion. Can’t go wrong with that as a starter, it has no “funny business” mechanics.

Whatever looks the most fun to you.

in terms of overall buffs, France excels at any strategy now and has an insanely good revolt, and Ottomans have a really strong Abus centric combo with Azaps.

Hi guys, what do you think of the Indians? Did they get a good buff? they have always fascinated me as a people

Every civ is viable, but it’s more important to learn the intricacies of one than the basics of all.

India has some “funny business” mechanics which are unique to the Asian civs. (Wonder ageups, consulates, etc) This makes it a little harder to transition knowledge to a different civ in the future. This isn’t a negative nor a positive, but it should be said.

Age 2 India is in the minority of civs that get a skirmisher unit instead of a archaic bowman. Ghurkas are really responsive, nice units to micro. The Sepoy (musketeer) is decent and excels in melee, so counters cavalry well. The cav is unremarkable but functional.

Age 3 India gets siege elephants. This is the thing India gets which is really the top of a rare tree; it’s a mortar and culverin in a mobile package. It denies your opponent artillery and buildings. It’s a truly hard counter to a lot of euro civs which are arty-heavy.

The Howdah (slow dragoon-type elephant) is awesome.

India can do a lot of viable strats from a potent rush to a good lategame with a few power units.

I don’t think it’s the best civ for a new player on its own merit, but the best civ for a new player is the one they enjoy enough to put many weeks into learning the intricacies of, so, if India interests you more than the others, it’s the best civ for you.

India got a few buffs in the latest patch with kani mata now buffing by even more % and across greater range, the new cards are great as well like the card for elephant resistances and the 2 infinite powerful rockets.

I don’t think I’d recommend them to a new player though, their camels are quite weak and the elephants are very pop heavy. Urumi and siege elephants are great though.

Yes, the Chinese new more cards for lunar new year for the rabbit it’s 2023 be new units

Camels are not weak they are simply specialized support cavalry, you don’t have to see them as a hussar but same you as an anti skirm and en masse because they don’t have much life, zamburack instead see it as a weaker but very strong ruyter against heavy cavalry and infantry assault.