Which civilization should be removed from AoE2?

If this topic is so bad then why is it still very active?

I voted Burgundians because they were never a nation, a state, an empire. This is just one rebel area of France. I don’t know how they even made it to the game. Also their campaign is not bad technically but I totally didn’t want to fight against Joan.

Also I voted against Slavs, because they should have been divided to many civs long ago. Also this civ is weak, not authentic and having bad team bonus. They must be replaced with 4-5 real nations.

However I don’t understand why people voting so hard against Romans. They probly need a balance fix but dreaming of removing them is weird.

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Argument you gave for Slavs, holds true for Saracens and Dravidians as well.

I like to think of them as an umbrella for Lotharingia or Middle Francia. Them not representing the Dutch does make this feel weird, though.

If we consider current Slavs as simply Ruthenians, I think the only other slavic civs we can realistically expect at this point are Serbs and maybe Moravians.

I really don’t think Europe needs more civs. Even East Europe, which people try to claim is underrepresented, has 5 civs. That’s more than Africa, America and India. Just rename the current Slavs and stop complaining.


I doubt that any civilization removal is going to ever happen. It’s unlikely to happen. So, this question just doesn’t seem to be right.


However, their medieval descendants are represented by some civs in the game: Cumans, Mongols, Tatars, and Turks

To what? Russians? How will look Dracula campaign then?

Burgundia existed separately (not even completely) for just 18 years.

Make a Romanian/Wallachian/Vlach civ. That’s the only new European civ I’d personally want right now.
It could be bundled with campaigns for at least two other civs.

It’s really not, but the Dracula campaign having to juggle between 3 civs (none of which accurately represents the character in question) for 5 scenarios is just absurd.


That’s great. It means they have no reason whatsoever to be in the game. Would be a great addition for RoR, though.

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That’s why I say to add Romanians to the game despite otherwise not wanting more Euro civs. They can take over the current Dracula campaign and the three civs you play as in it can finally get proper campaigns.


I mean, we got DoI out of that as well.