Which civs would you like to see added first in DLC?

  • Malians (West Africa)
  • Ethiopians (Northeast Africa)
  • Swahili (East Africa)
  • Zimbabweans (Southern Africa)
  • Moors (North Africa/Southwestern Europe)
  • Byzantines (Southeastern Europe)
  • Norse (Northern Europe)
  • Gaels (Western Europe)
  • Persians (West Asia)
  • Cholas (South Asia)
  • Khmers (Southeast Asia)
  • Japanese (East Asia)
  • Mississippians (Eastern North America)
  • Anasazi (Western North America)
  • Aztecs (Mesoamerica)
  • Inca (South America)
  • Other (please name)

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Now that we know what the eight civilizations in AoE IV at launch are going to be, I’d like to poll people to see which civs they would like to see added first in DLC. It is a multi-choice poll, but I will limit each voter to four choices at maximum since I doubt they will add much more than four civs per DLC.

For your reference, here’s what’s already confirmed to be in the game at launch.

  • Abbasids (West Asia and North Africa)
  • Delhi Sultanate (South Asia)
  • Chinese (East Asia)
  • Mongols (East and Central Asia)
  • Rus (Eastern Europe)
  • English (Western Europe)
  • French (Also Western Europe)
  • Holy Roman Empire (Central Europe)

I feel happy I can vote for Anasazi, Mississippi, Zimbabwe, and Gael in this poll bro; quite curious about them.

But what if my heart wants the OTTOMAN EMPIRE in Age of Empires?? :slightly_smiling_face:

Immortal Persia is absolute TOP 3, Mali should be way higher too… People should learn some reality, Mali was an empire within AoE4 time, Japan was not.

PS. Hey y’all, AoE4 is years 800 CE to 1600 CE. Japan and Norse / Vikings are genuine empires yeah… on NETFLIX and "Fantasy Kingdom". :smirk:


Other. The Vikings :slight_smile:

EDIT- Already voted but I now notice you have the Norse. My bad!

The Aztecs could be cool in an expansion that focused on South America and Spain just like the Conquerors expansion. It was always fun how they had no cavalry in AOE2.


Byzantines, Turks and Japanese


Other: Koreans 20 characters


Japanese or a Central/South American civ would be my choices!


None… Fix the game first and make the existing civs more interesting, diverse and actually balanced. The game is in a terrible state.


lol no


Oh yes. You will see how fast people will get bored from this. It has too many flaws, is too inconsistent, the balance is terrible… Relic doesn’t actually know what they are doing.


I think the Moors could be a good civ, they never used them before either


I’d like Byzantines and Bulgarians. I’m down for pretty much anything though as long as it’s interesting and fun to play.

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Haida. Also the Seven Fires.

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First DLC: Byzantines and Turks/Ottoman (Campaign: the fall of Constantinople)
Second DLC: 1-2 native American civ & an Iberian civ
Third DLC: Japanese and Vietnamese (Campaign: Mongols invasions)


Byzantine + Ottomans definitely in first dlc…

in 2nd dlc Vikings + Scotland

in 3rd dlc Crusader states (Jerusalem, Antioch, Tripoli)/ Crusader faction + Italians(Venice, Florence, Naples, Sicily, Vatican, Milan)

in 4th dlc Poland + Lithuania/Hungary

in 5th dlc Tamil + Bengal

in 6th dlc Japan + Korea

thats 20 civs i including with existing civs I want personally


there were a lot of other things happening in scandinavia in the periode, including 3 empires.


So many good civs to add!

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You could do a lot of cool things with the Aztecs since the game is going down the “unique” civ route, Celts and Japanese that are iconic that could be nice to have and khmer because ballista elephants


Byzantines, Japanese(as long as they don’t come with houses that gather ressources like in aoe3) and norse would be my picks

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Byzantines are the most important civ that is not in the game, otherwise I hope the Norse/Vikings and Ottomans are added soon, as well as a civ to represent Italy or the Papacy


I’d really like to see Japanese, Native Americans (esp. Aztecs) and Africans in the game soon

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