Which factions could be added to RoR in a Middle Classical Era dlc?

  • Aeolians [Greeks] (Pergamon)
  • Bactrians/Yuezhi [Macedonians/Persians] (Greco-Bactrian Kingdom, Kushan Empire)
  • Epirotes [Macedonians/Greeks] (Kingdom of Epirus)
  • Italiotes/Siceliotes [Greeks] (Syracuse, Taras, Crotone…)
  • Lagids [Macedonians/Egyptians] (Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt)
  • Pontians [Macedonians/Greeks] (Kingdom of Pontus)
  • Seleucids [Macedonians/Persians] (Seleucid Empire)
  • Yavanas [Macedonians/Indians] (Indo-Greek Kingdom)
  • Dacians [Greeks/Thracians] (Dacian Kingdom)
  • Illyrians [Greeks] (Ardiaei Kingdom, Dardani, Messapii…)
  • Thracians [Greeks] (Odrysian Kingdom)
  • Boians/Boii [Celts]
  • Britons [Celts] (Iceni, Brigantes, Dumnonii…)
  • Celtiberians/Ibrians [Celts] (Arevaci, Cantabri, Constentani…)
  • Gauls [Celts] (Arverni, Aedui, Nervii…)
  • Lusitanians/Lusitani
  • Germans/Germani (Cimbri, Teutons, Cherusci…)
  • Parthians [Persians] (Parthian Empire, Indo-Parthian Kingdom)
  • [Scythians] (Scythian Kingdom)
  • Saka/Sacae [Scythians/Indians] (Massagetae, Indo-Scythian Kingdom…)
  • Sarmatians [Scythians] (Saioi, Iazyges, Siraces…)
  • Armenians (Kingdom of Greater Armenia)
  • Kartvelians (Kingdom of Iberia, Kingdom of Egrisi/Colchis)
  • Nabataeans/Adnanites [Arabs] (Nabataean Kingdom)
  • Yemeni/Qahtanites/Sabaeans [Arabs] (Kingdom of Saba)
  • Mauretanians/Mauri (Moorish Kingdom)
  • Numidians (Massylii, Masaesyli, Kingdom of Numidia)
  • Abyssinians/Ethiopians/Aksumites (Kingdom of Aksum)
  • Mande (Djenné-Djenno)
  • Nubians (Kushite Empire)
  • Kalinga ######### (Mahameghavahana Empire)
  • Magadhis/Mauryas [Indians] (Maurya Empire, Shunga Empire, Kanva dynasty)
  • Sinhalese [Indians] (Kingdoms of Anuradhapura)
  • Tamils [Dravidians] (Chera, Chola and Pandya Kingdoms)
  • Telugus/Andhras [Dravidians] (Satavahana Empire)
  • Tibetans/Zhangzhung (Kingdom of Zhangzhung)
  • Qiang
  • Xianbei
  • Xiongnu
  • Funans/Khmers (Funan Kingdom)
  • Mayas (Tikal)
  • Teotihuacan/Otomi
  • Zapotecs (Monte Alban)
  • Moche
  • Nazca
  • All of them!
  • None
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
  • Other(s)
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I addition to that, how many civs do you think should be added in such dlc?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5+
  • None
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
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Just like the previous poll, this one doesn’t really cover an actual historiographical period but this loosely defined era starting in the late 4th century with the death of Alexander, the Diadochi Wars, coinciding with the rise of the Maurya in India and the Roman Republic in Italy, with many great empires and “barbarian” confederacies clashing all over the Ancient world for supremacy. It would end with the Crisis of the Third Century (or maybe earlier, with either Augustus ending both the Roman Republic and the last Diadochi kingdom, or Trajan bringing the Roman Empire to its greater extent) and would obviously also cover events such as the Punic Wars, the Parthian Empire’s rise and fall, or the start of Imperial China.
Admitedly, this era is already covered by the Rise of Rome expansion, but there may be room for an additional dlc or more.

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I would start where already existing campaigns have poor representation so dacians, parthians, Gauls, siceliots, epiriots…


Too many good options here! I would love to see representation of Indian and Mesoamerica. Of course I want to have Nubia and Armenia, you can not have Aksum without their greatest rival the Kingdom of Saba.
And like everybody I would like to see some European civs.


That’s a good way to go at it.

Yeah, this time period offers a huge variety of interesting civ, Romaboos aside you can see why strategy games about the Ancient times tend to give a huge attention to this time period :smile: